Almost five days now with neither cigarettes or nicotine patches. (edit: After 28 days with nicotine patches). It has been harder the last two days. I think the 72 hours to rid your body of nicotine must be true. I did notice a difference after that time. Basically, the two times when I have been getting cravings anyway; 11am and after midnight have been particularly bad the last two days. I think I am seeing the appetite suppression effect of smoking going away. I keep thinking I am really hungry! Of course only at times when its convenient to snack! I’ve been (mostly) resisting; having fruit when I can.
Over all I think I’ve done well. I’ve still got some way to go though.

4 thoughts on “Non-smoking

  1. Yeah, the urge to replace your smoking habit with snacking can be pretty bad. Good that you’re able to stick with fruit. You might try to make sure that you’re well-stocked on carrot sticks, celery, or whatever other healthy options appeal to you. Of course, you’ll get tired of them pretty quickly, I imagine.

    From what I remember, when I quit smoking (I just quit cold-turkey), it took me about three weeks before I could stop for gas without having a really strong urge to buy a pack of cigs.

    But if it hasn’t happened already, it probably won’t be very long before you’ll start noticing how bad second-hand cigarette smoke smells when you’re around other smokers. You’ll notice how your smoking friends and coworkers smell like stale ash trays, and you’ll wonder how your non-smoking friends used to put up with you 🙂

    On a completely unrelated note…. You should sell me some of your BlogShares stock…. I’ll make sure that your blog values rise 🙂

  2. Thanks guys, I’m sticking to it. I have noticed the smell from other smokers!

    Dougal, I sold you some shares. I may stock split again at some point.

  3. Awesome…keep going.

    I still have not come off the patches yet.
    I think i am now using them as some form of security blanket!

    Oh and i now have a chewing gum habit!!

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