No Smoking Day

Today was No Smoking Day. It was on my mind because Jan is on her third day without the dreaded weed. She is doing well, although it is hard. I think the nicotine patches are helping. Also Jackie has now stopped for over a month now and still going strong. Well done Jackie!
I did think that Jan and I would stop together, but she insists that I wait a month. She says she couldn’t cope with both of us giving up together!
On top of giving up smoking, Jan has hurt her back today and has been in a lot of pain 🙁

Other resources:
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3 thoughts on “No Smoking Day

  1. That’s great that your friends are quitting. I quit 4 years ago, tell them to keep up the hard work, it does get better.

    Sadly, now and then i still have the urge to smoke.

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