Twilight WordPress Theme

Just for fun, I’ve knocked up a WordPress theme based on the Twilight Movie. You can download it from here:

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Theme screenshot

The theme is a child theme of the Sandbox theme so you need to download and install that theme first, then activate this one.

If you have any comments or questions, please use the form below.

12 thoughts on “Twilight WordPress Theme

  1. Mike…

    I really like this theme that I would like to use it for a new Twilight blog I’m creating. Everytme I make changes to it (ex: add new pages), they stay for the day but the next day, all of my changes disappear and the theme goes back to the default theme. I dont seem to have this problem with any other 2.7 theme.

    Maybe it’s the way I installed it. I have installed the Sandbox theme. The Twilight theme is a seperate them folder at this time. Should it be a sub-folde in the sandbox folder? Thanks RudyK

    • Hi Rudy,
      The theme does not need to be in the sandbox folder. It should be in it’s own folder.
      When you say make changes to it, do you mean just adding pages in WordPress, or do you mean editing the theme files? You shouldn’t need to edit the theme files, it will automatically pick up your new pages.

  2. This is great thank you very much, I love the look of it. Is there any way to centre the content like in your screenshot? mine just looks too much to the left.

    Thank you

    • Kerry,
      Try adding the following line to style.css in the twilight1 directory

      #wrapper { width: 960px; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;}

      It can go right at the end

  3. Wow… I really like the Theme…
    Now my blog would be completed with this…
    I am planning to create a blog about Twilight.
    Anything that has a connection with the Twilight stuff.

  4. Beautiful theme! Looks very professional (better than the offical site lol).

    I’d like to see an update to this theme since the 2nd Twilight movie is already in theaters.

    BTW, is this compatible with WP 2.86?

  5. Hi, I am having a strange problem with this theme.
    With the sandbox theme activated the page links work fine but when I activate the Twilight theme all but one of the page (navigation) links just bring me the home page.

    Any help appreciated.

    Excellent theme by the way

  6. Mike,
    I love your theme! But everytime I try to install it says that it is broken and I need to install the sandbox theme, where do I get that?

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