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I’ve been meaning to get myself back into shape for a while now. I’ve finally started to do something about it.
I’ve started to go swimming with Jamie on a Sunday morning. We are trying to make it a regular thing with Steve and Megan.
I also started cycling again last week. It’s been about two years since I regularly cycled. So last week I got back on my bike. I’m starting slowly; cycling from home to the train station and back again in the evening, but will eventually build up to cycling all the way to work. It’s actually not far: 7.5 miles each way. But if I can build up to doing that everyday, I’ll be cycling 75 miles a week. That will be great for my fitness levels.
Although I’ve not mentioned it here, some who know me IRL, will know that I have given up smoking. Yesterday was my 29th day without a cigarette and my first whole day without a nicotine patch. I think I have done really well and got to the lowest level patches quickly. I don’t have a patch on today either, and I am going to try to make it 3 full days without. I believe that it takes those 72 hours to get the nicotine completely out of your system. I have come to realise that from now on I am going to have to be ‘vigilant’: like an ex-alcoholic, I’m going to be forever one cig away from becoming a smoker again. 🙁 Actually, I did give up alcohol a few years ago (though I wasn’t an alcoholic) and I’ve had no trouble doing without. I guess because I’d practically stopped drinking anyway, when I made the decision to never drink again, it wasn’t a real problem. Smoking, however, has been much harder. I am taking it one day at a time, but wouldn’t be surprised to lapse once in a while. I know that doesn’t sound very positive, but I honestly believe it. A least I know I can stop now, so I shan’t beat myself up too much, if I do succumb.

2 thoughts on “Health And Fitness

  1. Keep up the no smoking policy Mike. Sue stopped smoking about 6 months ago now. The first few weeks are the hardest apparently and she did lapse once for a few days but she has noticed the health benefits at the gym. When you are tempted you need to remember the reason you had for stopping in the first place, health, example to the kids, being around longer than you you would have been had you continued.
    Good luck.

  2. Well done Mike, I quit for 3 years one time but I’m afraid I fell off the wagon! Nowadays I seem to come up with reasons to carry on smoking instead of giving up! Maybe I need to work on my will power but if you know of anyone who sells it bottled let me know!!!!!

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