WordPress 0.7 Released!

The first (non-beta) version of WordPress has been released! The official announcement is on the WordPress Development blog.

* Texturize – So good it’ll make your quotes curl.
* WordPress Links – A link manager with everything you’d expect, from Weblogs.com support to a handy bookmarklet. Manage as many blogrolls as you like, and have complete control over their display.
* XHTML 1.1 – WordPress is compliant with XHTML standards up to 1.1, though by default it sends a 1.0 document type to avoid compatibility issues.
* Highly Intelligent Line Breaks – Occasionally called “nl2br on steroids,” this brand new function adds line breaks except where there is already a block level tag or another line break.
* New Administration Interface – We’ve made it as simple as possible, and no more. Everything has been restructured from the ground up in a fully compliant XHTML/CSS interface.
* Manual Excerpts – This allows you to hand craft summaries of your posts to appear in your RSS feed and other places.
* New Default Templates – Again we’ve streamlined theses with the latest in simple, easy-to-understand standard XHTML and CSS. And not a CSS hack in sight.
* Plus numerous behind the scenes code clean-ups, making this release faster and more stable than ever.

Check the WordPress Download Page to get it.

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