WordPress 0.72 Is Out

Hurray, WordPress 0.72 is now out! As Dougal notes there are lots of new things:

* All most all of the configuration options are managed through your browser. Edit your config file once and never touch it again!
* A new default style
* Improved Post/Edit interface makes it easy to edit/delete recent comments
* Improved HTML auto-formatting
* Password protected posts
* New get_links_list() function builds your entire blogroll for you
* Improved Links Manager
* Support for blogging clients that use the metaWeblog and MovableType APIs
* ‘Quicktags’ gives more intuitive HTML formatting option when editing posts
* Image upload feature compatible with more PHP server setups
* RSS feeds for comments
* RSS feeds now support “Conditional GET” to help conserve bandwidth
* Geoposition support
* Security fixes
* …and tons of minor little bug fixes…

You can get it from SourceForge

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