Work, Cycling, and The Weather

Another odd week this week. I think I’ve only done about half a day of scheduled work. The rest has been investigating production problems, fixing bugs, etc. All unplanned work.
I’ve been cycling to and from Stockport train station this week as I mentioned earlier. Tonight I decided to cycle home from the office without going on the train. I didn’t really struggle, but it did seem to be hard work. It’s only 7.5 miles and it took me about 45 minutes (which is quicker than the train/bus trip I used to take), I was pretty tired at the end (the last quarter mile is uphill!), but I recovered (heart rate down, breathing normal) much quicker than I thought I would. All very encouraging. I shall try to do the same again all next week.
It’s been too hot in the office again today. I didn’t get my thermometer out, but I seemed to be much warmer than the 86 degrees we had on Wednesday. Outside it had apparently been a glorious sunny day. Jamie spent most of it outdoors today. I expect it will go away for the weekend!