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I just thought I would catch up on my ongoing attempt to get fit and healthy. A few weeks ago I started taking my bike in to work — cycling from home to the train station, train station to office and back again in the evening. That’s about five miles a day. Last week, I started cycling all the way home in the evening. That puts my mileage up to ten miles a day; fifty miles per week! That was hard work but by the end of the week I’d got my time down from 45 minutes to 36. It also saves me lots of money!
The no smoking has been going fine. This is now my seventh week without a smoke. I really only have one ‘problem’ time — 11am in the office. It still get a strong craving of some description at that time. It’s not really that I want a cigarette, it’s more that I know I would be having one at that time if I hadn’t stopped. I don’t know why that time is so strong, and it is only when I am in the office too. Weekends are fine. The rest of the time I just have to consciously keep myself occupied. Mostly that seems to involve drinking coffee or eating. Otherwise I have to be reading, or on the computer, or something. If my hands are idle I get a little ‘twitchy’! Sometimes really twitchy.
So, with no alcohol, no cigarettes, cycling 50 miles a week, and watching what I eat, I should soon be feeling really fit and healthy.
Bizarrely, I’ve been off work ill today!

3 thoughts on “Health And Fitness

  1. Congrats on the not smoking for so long Mike!! I’m entering week 2 cold turkey (for the reasons I told you in the e!), I had a really stressy day last Wednesday but didn’t cave, I was so proud of myself. As you know I have smoked pretty much for the last 20 years. I guess I’ll have to wait a while til I discover the health benefits as excercise isn’t an option at the moment or for the forseeable future due to multiple surgeries!! Ouch! Keep up the good work, your family must be very proud of you. Liz xx

  2. Liz, Thanks, and well done to you. You must be strong to give up cold turkey! Good luck with the surgery! Mike x

    Kim, I’m not convinced it was the left overs. That’s Jan’s theory.
    Mike x

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