Busy, Busy, Busy

I’ve had quite a few really busy days at work recently. I seem to be constantly switching from one thing to another. What with releases, branch merges, more releases, big meetings, production problems, etc. I haven’t worked on my scheduled project for more than about half a day in the last week!
I’ve also been busy with projects at home too: I’ve designed and set up Jan’s web site, helped Thom get back up and running, spent time investigating CMS applications, answered a hundred emails and forum questions (or so it seems), and actually managed to spend some time on WordPress development!
Inbetween times, I’ve managed to post on here once in a while.

Still to do: More WordPress development, find a CMS Jan and I can use, more forum answers, update b2 links, think of a new layout and design for this site, help Steve move to a new hosting server, read a dozen books, get back into cycling, give up smoking, encourage Jamie to write more on her blog, upgrade the PC in the kitchen, and probably a dozen more things I’ve temporarily forgotten!