Half A Million

Wow! My visitor count, which has been running since April 2003, has just popped over 500,000. That’s half a million visitors to my little old web site! I can hardly believe it.

I’m seeing over 40,000 unique visitors per month now. The daily average is over 1300, with a noticeable dip at weekends. Most of those visitors, 62%, are still using Internet Explorer, but an encouraging 31% are using Mozilla or Firefox in some form or another. On the OS front, 74% are on Windows XP, 9% on Windows 2000, with Mac OS X running a poor third at 6.5%.

As I usually do, I’ll point out that these are real visitors to all parts of this domain apart from the Gallery, which has a separate counter.

My page count, which counts any requests for blog pages including from web crawlers and bots, is quite close to 5 million.

My top two referrers are both Google (.com and .co.uk), with the third place convincingly held by the WordPress Codex. Google, in various geographic flavours, holds 25 places in my top 50 referrers! Other search engines hold another 7 places. In terms of numbers Google far outranks all other referrers in the top 50 — 130,000 versus 52,000.

Another interesting high ranking referrer is blogging.typepad.com, almost certainly this list of WordPress themes, which, along with the third place appearance of the Codex, probably the Codex Theme List, tells me that a lot of people are looking for 3 column WordPress themes.

5 thoughts on “Half A Million

  1. Mike, I love your 3 column theme. I’ve been using it ever since I migrated from MT to WP. It’s so easy to add little things here and there… as well as take out things I don’t need.

    Thank you, thank you!!

  2. i was just curious what you were using to collect all those statistics. Is it software that you’re hosting gives you or some open source method or what?

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