Damn Lies!

Wow, my page counter, which has been going about 4 months less than this blog has just passed two million!
That count includes bots and refreshes, whereas the real counter is a count of real visitors.
The stats counter, which has been going a year less, stands at almost 170,000. I seem to be running at about 370 to 450 real live visitors a day. Most of them (76%) are still running Internet Explorer, but that’s a long way down from previous months, with Mozilla/Firefox and Netscape taking up another 22% of the total. Interestingly the various flavours of Windows account for just over 90% of my visitors, with Mac OS X (3.8%) and Linux (2.6%) making up the only other sizeable chunks.
In all of these I don’t count myself, of course: all of the machines/browsers I use have cookies to exclude my own visits from the stats.
Google is the top search engine with over 71% of search hits, followed at a distance by Yahoo! (16.1%) and MSN (8.4%). AOL (2.4%) heads the rest of the pack (22 different search engines identified).
“chester bennington”, “mike” and “s club 8” are the most popular search terms bringing people to here.
*Yawn* even I’m bored now, so I’ll stop…

12 thoughts on “Damn Lies!

  1. Hi Roy,
    Yes, the new host is much quicker. More memory, faster processor, and dedicated!
    I use Power Phlogger for stats. The page counter is a five-minute bit of code I knocked together a couple of years ago. I’ve been using it ever since.

  2. Thanks Roy, I’ll check it out. Though the reason I went with Pphlogger was because it tracks in real time, rather than processing the log files.


  3. mike im your 13 year old obsessed fan and i luv ya lots.p.s. are u marraid????(
    (i hope not) and wen will u b playin in ireland

  4. Jennifer is definitely impressed by your stats.

    Abhi, if you meant Webalizer, then I’d have to say that it’s old technology. It is the most popular tools, but it is not powerful.

  5. Roy,
    Jenny and a lot of other visitors think that I am Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park. I am a fan of the band, true, but this belief and also that this is an official Linkin Park site is bizarre! It’s also one that is perpetuated by the believers!. My second, third and fourth most commented stories are about the band.
    It’s fun!

  6. Mike, congratulations on your success. Your blog is awesome, and I may not be a 13 year old giddy schoolgirl like Jennifer, but an admirer I am, nonetheless.

    I think 76% for IE is actually pretty impressive. The industry stats that I’ve seen, and my own Awstats, seem to reveal that Firefox, et al., is running around 5%, which is amazing! Can you say, Browser wars…Bring ’em on!

  7. Thanks Andy,
    I suspect the browser wars will heat up again, especially as Microsoft have reformed the IE team and will probably bring out an update this year.

  8. ..And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. A bad thing, would be if we just had the same technology for years and years, without any driving competitive forces (like Mozilla) to move the game forward. Of course, two things come to mind. First, Mitch Kapor may find himself sitting across a very large table, staring at Billy, trying to calculate how much his team needs to retire? That’s happened before. The second thing that comes to mind, is a much bigger game taking shape…And that is the game of open-source coding. We’ll see.

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