New Home

Well, we’re all aboard and settled in to the new server now. It is much, much faster than the last place. I’m not constrained space wise either.
I still have some tweaks to do, e.g. I haven’t set up any cron jobs yet. But everything is hunky-dory so far.
I think it’s about time I redecorated, so to speak!

6 thoughts on “New Home

  1. Much faster. I might just have to follow your lead.

    My email has been playing up a bit too and my site is just way too slow. Mind you, that could be my blog software 🙂

    Does the new server give you everything that phpwebhosting did?

  2. Hi Mark,
    I’m pretty pleased with the set up so far. It does give me everything phpwebhosting gave me, or at least an equivalent. And more besides (like IMAP4).
    I’m quite impressed with the plesk control panel, it makes a lot of things easier.

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