Another Day At Home

I didn’t go in the office again today. Jan is still bad with her back. She’s managed to keep off the cigarettes too. She is doing really well.

I took Jamie in to school this morning and had to stay for a special assembly. Year 5/6 had put together a special play to support the schools efforts to raise money for CAFOD. They also has some other stuff going on like a cake stall, toy stall, raffle, etc. I suspect that it was either a statement by the church or maybe just an unfortunate coincidence that this has been organised on the same day as Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day.

After investigation, I suspect that my hypothesis from yesterday is less likely to be correct. 🙁 However, I have yet to prove it either way. That coupled with not being able to connect to the office network reliably and several jobs on my to do list being delayed because of this made for a stressful, unproductive day today.

Still we go to see Cats tomorrow! I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed that Jan will be well enough to make it.