Working From Home and Their Loss Not Mine

I worked from home again today. I’d sent an email late last night informing my manager that this would be the case. I even offered to participate in a meeting I was going to otherwise miss by telephone.
After dropping Jamie off at school and back home checking Jan was OK, I logged into the office network and filled in my time sheet for last week.
Now, because I had been dropping Jamie off at school in the morning, collecting her in the afternoon, looking after Jan as much as she would let me, and various other things like making the odd meal; I hadn’t managed to work a full seven and a half hours on Thursday and Friday. So I filled in my time sheet appropriately. I put down five and a half hours for each day.
Note, I could have lied about my time and claimed I’d done full days, but that doesn’t do any one any good: neither me for not having work to show for that amount of work; nor the company for paying me for work I didn’t do; nor the client for being billed for work they haven’t had; so I was honest.

I received a reply in return which simply said:

Can you make sure that you do 37.5 (hours) when working from home.

and signed by my line manager.

My response:

Unfortunately with taking Jamie to school, Picking her up again, making meals, looking after Jan, etc., I cannot.
As hard as it may be to believe, with the amount of unpaid overtime I have done in the past, my family comes before work.
I shall therefore take the next fews days off as sick leave/ compassionate leave/ holiday, whatever, to avoid disappointing people and upsetting the books.
I’ll let you know nearer the time when I can return to work.

Who lost out do you think?

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