Zed1.net Down!

Aaargh! My new domain zed1.net is down! My three new hostees are without their blogs! The server itself is up and running, I can ping it and ftp to it. But the web server is refusing connections. Grrr.
I couldn’t even use the support forum because that is down too. (I wonder if it’s on the same machine). I fired off an email to them a couple of hours ago, but have not had a reply yet.

Update: It was back by morning. I’m told it was back some time after midnight. Support replied but denied anything was wrong. I’ll follow that up.

3 thoughts on “Zed1.net Down!

  1. I host with phpwebhosting as well and I ran into the same problem as you several times last year…. it’s a result of them not managing their servers very well in terms of disk space. They run out of space in /tmp or /home and soon, the webserver stops accepting connections.

    Your hunch of the support form being on the same server is right too. The only solution is to go to http://www.phpwebhosting.com page and then use the feedback form there to try to get some attention for the site.

    Also, keep bugging them about the disk space situation and they may move your website to another server. My current server they moved me to (in January) has 20GB free and I know there are other similar servers as well.

  2. Hi Sanjay,
    Although I have had the problems you describe in the past. This time it wasn’t PHPWebhosting.com. It is another hosting provider for one of my other domains zed1.NET. It’s all cleared up now, but they say nothing was wrong. Strange.

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