zed1.net Down!

My zed1.net sites have been down for more than 30 hours now! I am a very unhappy bunny! I eventually received an email response from the hosting company’s support team this morning, stating

We had migrated your site zed1.net to more secure and reliable server. So site will take 12 hours for propogation.

This was received more than 16 hours after I last saw it working. It is now 30 hours+ and still no sites! 🙁

Coincidentally my posting from 1 year ago today formally announced the new sites at zed1.net and explains:

They are both hosted on zed1.net so access is intermittent at the moment.
However, by the end of Thursday Zed1.net should be on a new server and I’ve been promised no more outages like the recent ones.

It seems some things don’t change!

2 thoughts on “zed1.net Down!

  1. your a bunny?
    sorry its almost 7am here and i was up all night working on pengi, but, your a BUNNY? 🙂
    thats okay, im a monkey so its all good
    it caught my eye cuz my hubby used to run a hosting company and his downtime was like an hour, once and only once, insane people, hope you got all that tended too!

  2. Hi Di,
    Yes at the time I was a very unhappy bunny!
    I’ve since moved all my sites to a dedicated server and had only one incident of downtime in almost 12 months (though it was too long, it was partly my fault).

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