Server Downtime

Sorry to those who missed my sites for the last day or so. My server started acting strangely and wouldn’t respond to any requests. It took quite a few support requests and a phone call before it was finally rebooted. It turns out there was an issue with the remote reboot:

Your server had problems with it’s startup and our datacenter wasn’t accepting reboot requests or setting up recovery mode. This was fixed, so it shouldn’t happen again.

In all, the server and thus all the sites I host and all email was down for a little over 36 hours. 🙁 If you tried to send me mail in that time, it’s likely I didn’t get it. Please re-send. It seems like I only got a small fraction (perhaps 10%) of the email sent during that period. I guess only the servers which retry were able to deliver.

The problem is, I don’t know what caused it to crash in the first place. I’ve not had a single problem like this in the 9 months that I’ve had the server.

I did wonder whether it had anything to do with the new experimental proxy page I put up on the 23rd. It has been incredibly popular, rocketing up the stats to become my fourth most popular page in just 5 days! It has racked up an incredible 13,000 hits in that time, notwithstanding that it was down for 36 hours too.

This also breaks my more-than-a-month blog silence!

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