Half A Million Spam Comments

Akismet has caught just over half a million spam comments (501,151) on my blog. That’s a lot of my time saved. Thanks guys.

I noticed the Akismet service recently passed the 1 billion spam comments mark.

I use it on all the other blogs I host and manage. I think the total caught on those is rapidly approaching 100,000.

2 thoughts on “Half A Million Spam Comments

  1. I just installed the Akismet plugin on my blog and it’s soooo nice to go to the comments and not have to deal with the tripe that comes through every day!

    Real easy to install, very impressive and highly recommended.

  2. Does it work with all style of blogs? (I use WordPress )

    I get sheaps of rubbish and I get a lot on my forum as well.

    I think are useing some robot thingy to join up, so i have set the parameters for my aproval and I just go once every few weeks and check them out.

    Also will the spam blocker work with Emails as well?

    I am so sick to death of them all.

    The blocker I am using is also stopping legitimate messages from comming throuhg the system.


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