One million spam comments caught

I noticed a few days ago that Akismet had caught more than 1 million spam comments on this blog. That’s an incredible amount. I didn’t think more about it until I spotted that Darren Rowse blogged about “The Blog Tool that Has Saved Me Months of Work” referring to Akismet having caught 2 million spam comments for him. He calculates that it has saved him over 46 days of moderation time.

Wow! That means it must have saved me 23 days effort, using his calculations. If I include the 200,000 or so it has caught on the other blogs I manage, it’s an awesome amount of time saved.

I have to agree that Akismet is a fantastic tool, and second his comment to encourage you to pay for Akismet if you are getting a great service out of it.

2 thoughts on “One million spam comments caught

  1. It is consonant with my problem. Good spammer is dead spammer 🙂 These bad guys disallow me to relax. And currently, Automattic Kismet is really best spam barrier of all accessible tools I know.

  2. Yeah, Askimet is way cool. It is nice that a tool like this exists out there to help us bloggers spend time writing and not worrying about comments encouraging us to visit disreputable websites.

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