That’s a lot of spam comments

Akismet has caught 2,000,190 spam for you since you first installed it.

Two million is a ridiculous number of spam comments on my little ol’ blog.

I can’t imagine it will get any better, either.

I have to be thankful for Akismet. If you get a lot of spam comments, that you no longer have to deal with because Akismet protects you from them , please consider paying for at least a pro-blogger subscription. It’s well worth the money.

3 thoughts on “That’s a lot of spam comments

  1. When it comes to spam you can certainly count on Akismet and Mollom to protect your site. Along with spam comments I also faced spam subscribers for a membership site. Fortunately my security programs disallowed them from actual access to main content and further security has reduced the number of auto robot subscriptions drastically.; had to delete 1100 subscribers in the last 2 months alone. Without Akismet or Mollom my work to delete spam comments would have been inundating.

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