Zendor Standards Compliant Website Launched

I am very pleased to announce that the company I work for, Zendor, have just published their new website www.zendor.com.

The reason I am so very, very pleased is that it is valid XHTML 1.0 Strict. More than that, the site claims Level Triple-A Conformance to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 (WAI-AAA).

We have designed our site to meet the W3C ‘AAA’ standards recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium, which has been set up to promote world wide standards of access and to encourage wider use of the internet.

Unfortunately Bobby disagrees, but the priority 2 error seems to be a Bobby error and the priority 3 is being looked at.

Further, the site is extremely search engine friendly; check out some of the URIs

I wish I could claim to have had a hand in the production of this site but I cannot. My good friend Steve P took care of the standards compliance, and our design team managed to produce a good looking functional site without a single table! I can only claim to a little help with the occasional CSS problem and just about three years of solid evangelising for this level of standards compliance.

Well done to everyone involved.

Update: Steve P has pointed out that For compliance, two automatic checks are required – the two I [Steve] used were Cynthia Says and LIFT, I must confess to not having remembered the former and never heard of the latter. He also mentions that some consider Bobby to be unreliable. I do now remember that when it changed hands (wasn’t it hosted at the BBC at one point?) it became less stable.

8 thoughts on “Zendor Standards Compliant Website Launched

  1. Wow, that site looks really good! I’m going to have to check out the code some more as it looks like they did some really neat stuff. Congrats! Must be a neat to work at a place that really “gets it.”

  2. Thanks, Matt, for your comments. I only wish all the company did “get it”. There are still only a very small handful of us who do. Luckily were allowed to go the whole way with this one. Hopefully the success of this will allow us to be more standards compliant in future work.

  3. Hi Aamir, Yes, Steve did a great job, so too did the design team. I see you’ve got your blog started, I look forward to reading it.
    I haven’t been blogging half as much these days, mostly a matter of time. I’m not spending quite so much time on the keys. But also a touch of laziness. I sometimes want to say something, but then don’t feel like spending the time to say it properly, so I say nothing.

  4. Shame really – cos’ your “synapse firings” make good reading.
    For blog I started it was just a 5 minute experiment. When I grow up I want a blog that looks like yours. What do I need to do? Blogger has limited options, unless I’m missing something?

  5. Yes, Matt and I have taken over the development of WordPress which is the official successor to B2. We have quite a team working on it now. There are some exciting things coming along. I would recommend WordPress (of course), you just need some hosting with PHP and MySQL. Let me know if you need a hand setting it up.

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