I’m really back into the swing of things now! Lurching from one crisis to another. It started with a meeting this morning about a new project. Great ideas, great meeting, talked through the requirements, got some ideas. Oh dear, we need to have estimates ASAP! No way! At least not accurate ones. This is quite a complicated project, it needs careful thought. But I get “Just do your best, highest priority.”

OK lunch, then into thinking about the architecture and design for this project. But, wait! “Mike, you have to get back onto project ‘dandy’! Highest priority.” OK clear it with the other project manager, and I’m back on to that. Very slow progress for a couple of hours (during which I had an accident… more later), interspersed with numerous other queries, emails, and phone calls; and then, at about 5:20 …

“Mike, we’ve got a big problem with project ‘R’. It needs looking into NOW, highest priority.” Says I, “But I’m hurt, I want to go home.” Says they, “Can you look at it when you get home?”

So hereI am back at home, slightly recovered and back at the PC.