Linkin Park

I’m going to see Linkin Park at the MEN arena later today! I’m going with Steve.
I can’t wait. It’s been a long time since I saw a live band. I’m really looking forward to it. 🙂

130 thoughts on “Linkin Park

  1. I can’t even put into words how hot he is!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love him sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!
    He’s is the hottest guy in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love Mike Shinoda he’s so hoooooooooooooot and cute I’ll love him 4my whole life and noone can change my feelings 4him!!!!!!!
    Mike is my LIFE!!!!

  3. I love mike shinoda he is soo good looking and amazing!!!!!
    i am going to marry him.
    by the way i have a teacher called mr bird

  4. Mike Shinoda is a very awesome person who is from my favorite band and My dream is to meet him one day…oh well peace out

  5. Mike Shinoda is a very awesome person who is from my favorite band and My dream is to meet him one day…oh well peace out

  6. Hi:)Mike ur vry cute
    I just luv wen u smile ur sooooooo sweeeeeeet!!!!!!!!
    I really luv u n LP,ur songs r just great:) Luv u…….

  7. Ohh, I just say- Mike’s my dreamman! 🙂 I love him more than I love my Mum and my Dad- by
    the way- I hate his Anna!


  8. Hiii..I’m from Brazil, I love Mike and Linkin Park. The show in Brazil of Linkin Park was very crazy have 80.000 fans of Linkin Park, “the best show of Linkin Park” say all integrants of the band..I have photos of the show…kisses and bye bye!

  9. i luv mike he is a gr8 person and realy FIT i luv him soooooooooo f****ng mu
    i would die without him, i luv linkin park thier the best band eva! I LUV U!!

  10. hiya,i luv mike, i think ur sooooooo cute wen u smile and ur a gr8 person
    i luv u!!
    i luv u in lp thier such an awsome band thier my fave band in the world!
    i luv u guys!!

  11. I know this is a little early but… Happy Birthday! So as a present I’ll give you an… apologie! I don’t know if it was really you in the chatroom. When I told you about what happened at the Projekt Revolution concert in St.Louis. I’m sorry that i sounded rude. I have a habit of thinking out loud. When i meant FINE, i meant i was O.K. Anyways, i hope you forgive me. I’m really sorry. Please forgive me. And go to the LP Chat alot ’cause i don’t know when i’m going to be there. I HOPE YOU GET THIS!!! P.S. my half sister’s Brithday is Feb. 11 too!!!

  12. s**t man?he’s so hundsome like me if you’re just my friend or anything in my life i wil tell to all the poeple that you’re a part of my life o(oh!)m(my!)g(god!) ur ‘d men

  13. Yeah I really love mike shinoda! His wife doesnt seem
    right for him though. Anna like trashy and in some
    pictures she looks like him. Ill never love some1 like
    mike. I only listen to linkin park on the radio and
    music videos. cause it feels wrong loving him but
    listening to other people. But hey mike I love you
    love you mike shinoda!
    (ps: i like chester, joe, brad, rob, and phoenix too
    cause u couldnt of had such a GREAT band without them!

  14. Hi everybody I LOVE MIKE SO MUCH I can’t stop thinkin of him. And I will meet everybody in linkin
    park to but it just a dream I will come true!!! many kisses from jean who lives in sweden

  15. at the end of the day isn’t it just much more meaningful and respectful towards mike and the rest of linkin park to just discuss their music ?
    yeah, of course mike’s hot, but he doesn’t leave his wife and family for months at a time just to be interpreted as “hot”.
    it just kind of seems like some people don’t care about the music as long as they can lie in their bed at night imagining to **** mike because they think he’s got a nice ass.
    i’m not accusing any of you guys of doing this, but this really p****s me off and i just want to know if there is anybody who agrees with me ?
    it just isn’t right to say that you are in love with someone because they’re “hot” and conviniently a multi-millionare at the front of an awsome nu-metal band . any body agree with me at all on this one ?

  16. I agree with you Lucy, looking at all the comments made by these people it seems like the only thing that people can think about is how hot Mike is and how nice it would be to s**** with him. That is really low of you to think this way, he has a family and a life. Seriously, you should try not to sound like some kind of groupies, and stop posting such h***** type comments,
    thank you.

  17. Yeah Lucy (anonymous ur just retarded) But dude dont like him cause hes hot and nice and stuff
    but dude uve never met nim and im tired of all those people who like Linkin Park just because of
    how they look, or because all ur friends like them (im not accusing anyone) o yeah, all u guys have no lifes

  18. Hey Lucy, totally agreed, sure hes cool, but even though hes
    My fav in the band, I don’t go writing all that cr*p everyone else writes about.
    I’ve read through these e-mails and these ppl are so totally f***ed
    up in the head, you know!!!
    I could be boring and say the same sh*t everyone else has said, but
    I don’t choose to be a groupie. Hey, Guys…
    …If you saw Linkin Park walkin down the street, what would you do???
    Scream in their faces about how much you luv them and hold up signs sayin “I wana Marry you”???
    If you ask me, I sure they wud appriciate it more if you just kept your cool.
    BarkyLarky, How many times have you reffered to a guy as beautiful???
    And you guys who think hes got a nice ass, how can you tell with all the baggies hes always
    wearing, think of something interestin and original to write about,
    its all the same sh*t over and over again!!!
    Ever occur to you that this website was made for ppl who were interested in
    LPs music and not for those of you who only wana scr*w mike???
    First of all, it’ll never happen, second of all, he already has a wife. AND I sure
    he wudn’t appriciate you tuning sh*t about the person he chose to spend his life
    with!!! Find your way to reality, the day you meet Mike will be the day you die, so even if
    you do meet him, your FANTASY won’t last very long, right???
    By the way, Linkin Park, if you ever read this, no hard feelings, I still think
    your music rocks!!! So…
    … when you guys cumin 2 SA???

  19. I agree with you cupCake!! do you all think you “love” mike, because he’s hot?
    sorry but have you ever really speak with him? And you know he’s got a wife!!
    And he love’s his wife, and he wan’t to spend his life with her, so stop dreaming of
    a world that doesn’t exist.
    Linkin Park, you’re great! I hope you’ll never stop making this great music..

  20. hey peoples well i love Eveyone from linkin park and I think Anna
    and samantha are lucky to have such awsome guys as husband.
    They seem like great people. Also some people just say trashy
    things cause there jelouse (but i do agree that Mike and Chester
    are hot so is rob and phinex and joe and brad)Email me what you think

  21. i love linkin park soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
    and i think mike shinoda and chester are they SEXIEST guys ever on the planet..
    i love them sooooooooooooooooo much!!! linkin park is the best group ever and
    anyone who sayz otherwise is gonna have 2 deal with ME!!!!!!!!!

  22. That’s true, they’re really sexy. but this isn’t a site for talking about their asses!
    friendly kisses birgitt

  23. hey @ all

    but we all have to realize,that he is just a men like someone else.
    okay…by the way:he`s a very good rapper, i just chance my musik-style because of him
    i love the way he sounds
    and the way he smiles and the way he plays with his hole heart on stage!!!
    The texts are very emotional and have much of poetic
    the covers of them are created by himself and i like it ,too…
    OKAY:HE`s not just somebody
    He is just himself and trys to make good musik… He got it

  24. omg Mike Shinoda is mine! you freaks just dont get it do ya? He is getting married to me,
    and we are having kids….so there!!! hes hot – like me!!!! ;). Hell yeah hes mine, so like….why dont
    u just like…uhhh face facts. I dont care what u have to say. Mike and me are perfect and i have
    out whole life planned out together. When im 18 im getting a tatoo of him next to my heart.
    We write letters to each other, and hes seen my pictures, and he said i look pretty, and that he will
    meet me when im 18. So, there you go! dont be jealous!!!!

  25. Hi Mike!!!!!!!!!!!!My name is ´MARIONKA´ and I´m from Slovak.I love your sweety ´´american´´smile and I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Take care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Hey, I just wanna say that LP is the best band in the world. BTW, Linkin Park, you’re great!
    I hope you’ll never stop making great music:)

  27. Baby girl, what’s wrong with you??

    Linkin Park is great! I hope Mike’s projects comes out soon! friendly kisses

  28. Hey,hey,Mike!I just wanna say that you are the s**t and you are so seXXXy.Oh,yeah and so are the other guys,Chester,Phoenix,Brad,Rob and Joe.I love all of you guys!You guys make me so damn horny!Meet me in
    C Ya!

  29. hey:)i just dunno what to say with all this looove around…oh,yeah- i’ve got it: i just love Lp’s music and i think thats the important thing…u know, i’d still be obsessed with the wonderfull sound of LINKIN PARK,nomatter the way they(the members) look:))))\m/…and these comments that i saw…i suppose it’s a normal psychological reaction:)just proves the POWER of good quality muzik :)))
    oh,and btw in the matter of fact mike’s kinda sweet…:)
    ok,thats it (for now…hahahaha:)have fun and LP–>FOREVER!!!

  30. Hey Mike your the best! You and Jay Z are the SHIZZLE man.I hope ya come out with some new songs and a CD soon.

    P.S. Baby_Grl wtf is your problem the girls that like Mike are probely older then you and hotter then ya.

  31. MIke destroyed millions of heart…exactly..He destroyed my heart but I will change that love into my intelligence.That sounds like carzy..but..because Im too young, 15..And I need to take notice of my study now..and I can’t forget Linkin Park I will try so hard to study for Linkin PArkkkk…

  32. Hi Guys,,,,

    1st of all I wanna say That I Really happy to have brother like U Mc! In My imagination(Just Kiding) But I’m a fans of U, U’r so cooL,Handsome,Multitalent,Idol Face and full of great creat, aLot of from u,r desaign I Conccept in my art created wow! I dont know What should write about U again??! cuz How Much I loved To get idol rapper like U

    my hope only can see u at heaven perhaps
    Big Hug&Peace,,,,,

    “”‘o ] ”
    “”” U

  33. i love you mike!!!
    you are perfect!!!
    you are the most handsome men in the world!!
    i cant speak English very well,but i know one thing!!
    linkin park is the greatest band in the holr world!!!
    and you sing very well!!
    you and chester !!!!
    i really like you and chester!!!!
    bye bye!!
    i love you guys!!!

  34. LP are soooooo much like my friends, the type of fings dey say der actions everyfin. Chester, Mike, brad and Joe r soooo funny (lovin Joes froggie lmao!)I love the way der soooooo down 2 earth and normal not ‘big scary ass holes’ as Mike says.

    As much as i wanna meet LP i just fink i have dem here wid me enit so it aint all bad cos I know it’s gonna b pretty hard 2 meet dem since i dun wanna pay £12 sumfin to become a LP mamba (NOT ME!)

    Can i just say yeah mike is good looking but boi don’t be living ur life around him dats how u waste ur life u only live once. and dont b dissin anna shes really pretty and as much as i admire mike for his work *cough* im happy 4 him and der both lucky 2 have eachova. What u expect him 2 do…stay single so u in ur mind fink u have a chance 2 get wid him NO hes frickin 28 and all u girls like 12 or sumfin chatin like dat….ders someone out der 4 u and it aint mike k?

    P.S. LP stop being so mean 2 mike (although the porta potty funny but MEAN, and whats wrong wid mikes head chester?)

  35. I totaly agree with you ladybubbles! You all are so young and we all have NO chance to be with him cause he’s got a beautiful wife who loves him (and he loves her!!) sure mike’s hot, but isn’t it wasting?!
    (i think he’s already 29 🙂
    wouldn’t it be better if all of you live your lives so as they are? i’m sure thei’re alright(even without mike) !!
    I’m dreaming too to meet them anytime.. i love their music so much. do somewone of you know if mike’s project come’s out in europe too? and when?
    many kisses birgit

  36. Hi Mike!!!I am from Brazil,I adore Linkin Park. You and Chester are sooooooo beautiful, your smile is very cut.
    I adore you,Chester, Rob, Phoenix, Joe and Brad!!!!!!!!
    The Linkin songs are soooooooo great!!!
    kisses anb bye bye!!!

  37. Mike, I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!I’m French and I cant speak English very well because I’m 13 but I know 1thing: you are THE BEST and you are perfect!!!I like your song very much!!!I LINKIN PARK FOREVER!!!!LINKIN PARK IS THE BEST GROUP OF THE WORLD!!!! bye bye everybody

  38. you are all crazy and on crack!!! you need lives!! i love there music! they could be 40 yr. old fat guys and i would still like em’!!! if the music sucked i wouldnt be saying this!!! i still think you are ALL on crack..(sep the people who think like me…^^; hehe…) great band but…im 14!!! FAT CHANCE!!! 2 of em’ are married…the others most likely have GF’s…get. a. life. gezz…and get off the crack!!!
    i wuv ALL of you..*holds ax* come here and give me a hug…,
    kate (BTW….if ya see any typos…i cant type…not even to save linkin parks LIFE…XD)

  39. hi mike i love you me n my sister actually love you n chester
    i live in a far country but i hope to meet u one day n kiss you alot i’ll mail u again take care
    trully your’s

  40. actually three of them r married mike, brad and phoniex, chester broke up with his wife in may this year. and yeh joe and rob have girlfriends…chesters the only one whos single *but girls that don’t mean u have a chance! theres like 17 million+ LP fans out there what makes you think that out of that 17 million+ fans hes gonna choose you…NO!* anywho mike and anna have been going out with eachother LONG b4 there was LP.

    sorry lionin mike is 28 cos he was born in february 11th 1977…hes actualy gettin on a bit lol…he don’t look his age though…i wonder how long mike has been waring his contacts…

    There are sooooo many fings im baffed about. Which memba of LP works out and/or smokes? does mike still parctice his religion? FFS! there r so many things i wanna ask them…i think i should actually join LPU!

  41. oh yeh this journal iz ment to b about linkin park not just mike remember…and i dont think MIKE SHINODA made this site ppl…i dont fink he has time for this hes a busy man.

    anywho check my linkinpark profile and/or journal on…the linkin park website…theres more about me on there. U could have a LP journal too its free…although *LP MEMBAS DONT HAVE TIME TO LOOK THROUGH EVERY JOURNAL SO DON’T GET YOUR HOPES UP* but its a great place to meet people cos ive met some good people there…you can go to mike, joe and brads journals and leave messages but *THEY DONT REPLY AS I SAID THEY AINT GOT TIME* and im kinda sick of hearing ppl going on their journals going ‘i love you mike/joe/brad’ and asking dumb questions like ‘will you marry me?’…NO! i know asking who smokes and works out may seem dumb questions but when you hear sumfin u wanna investigate enit! any ways staykool.

    SSSICS *LP journal name!*

    *PS funny LP quotes on my profile!*

  42. hi again mike look if i hope you read these lettrs thats you’r jonb see this is my id o_shylee_o please send me just one word im watting if not i’ll kill myself beleive me in this week then you’ll be a murder

  43. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii lllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is so hot and it been my dream ever sence i first hear linkin park that ive always wanted to meet them!!!

  44. heya Mike!!! im one of your greatest fans eveeeeer!!! all my friends even make fun of me about it sometimes!(lol).im from india n i hope that u n linkin park can have a performance here one day. i loooooooove u n ur band. U GUYS ROCK!!!i hope u can perform here some day and i will ne there in the first row and with backstage passes just 2 meet you!!! ;-).

  45. oh mike hi again
    lwnant you sth and thats it:dont sing your song with jay_z every one hate him
    he says rubish things and thats worse for your songs

  46. thats madness..

    Pardis; mike will never see this (cause Mike Little created this side not mike shinoda!!!)

    thank you ladybubbles, you’re right he really doesn’t look like an 28 guy… 🙂

    bye, birgit

  47. ha ha u guys make me laugh this site was NOT made by MIKE SHINODA…anywho…have u heard fort minors song that accidently “leaked” its good its called remember the name…u can listen to it for free at

    Im sure ur not stupid so u can find the link…*plus u can kinda steal the song to…u’ll know what im chattin bout*

    any who…sahbh as i said this isn’t MIKE SHINODAS journal u have to go to numb journals on the official LP website to get to his journal and even then when u post a comment he dont reply to your journal anywho cos hes a busy man *as i said over and over again*

    that link above is my numb profile and from there u can navigate to mikes…if u can find the link. Stay Kool ppl…SAFE!


  48. wtf is wrong w/ sum of u?!?!trashin stuff bout Anna!sum of yall just jealous cuz shez w/ Mike.Anywayz I luv LP but im not obsessed=)

  49. hey……..i love u MIKE….I LOVE U IN BLOCK LETTERS…ur like the world n life to me…u make awesome music…n u look toooo….cute…i got no words 4 u ….shit dude i love u !! ur jus….too cute…I LOVE U MIKE…ALWAYZ MIKE…peace..d(-_-)b



  51. # Baby_girl Says:
    June 17th, 2005 at 10:24:21

    omg Mike Shinoda is mine! you freaks just dont get it do ya? He is getting married to me,
    and we are having kids….so there!!! hes hot – like me!!!! 😉 . Hell yeah hes mine, so like….why dont
    u just like…uhhh face facts. I dont care what u have to say. Mike and me are perfect and i have
    out whole life planned out together. When im 18 im getting a tatoo of him next to my heart.

    pictures, and he said i look pretty, and that he will
    meet me when im 18. So, there you go! dont be jealous!!!!
    I have only one thing to say to you- GET THE F*** OVER YOURSELF!!! oh.. yeah, and get a life too, cuz you’ll need it in the long run.

  52. Ohh I wish i can go to one of LP’s concerts )=

    I like mikes personality and how he loves and works for

    his music

    I wish I can meet him one day (=

  53. Hey mike. Like everyone here says, you and LP freakin’ ROCK!!! not to mention, you do have a wonderful smile. you (and chester) sound fascinating when y’all sing. i hope i get to see LP face 2 face some day. can’t wait till your next album. good luck in everything that y’all do in life.

  54. cao ljudi vi kao svi volite mike-a ne lazite ovaj narod a ni sami sebe nadam se da ce te me poslushati pozdrav za sve

  55. does anyone no about there next album in 2006 i no mike shinoda made a side solo but does any1 no the name of the next album by LP

  56. Hi,
    I’ve just got my LPU newsletter and Phoenix has this to say:

    How’s it going? For me (and us), things are moving very well. We have taken about a year off and are now back into full work mode….

    Now, after all that has transpired over the last 12+ months, we are writing a new album. I can honestly say that I am more enthusiastic and excited about the music we are writing and the direction of this album than anything we have ever done. We are planning to have the album released mid 2006. I hope your collective patience will not be exhausted!

    Hope this helps,

  57. Yo,
    sorry to say this. But how can you possible love someone you don’t even know?

    Hmph, Idoits?

    Well, just came to tell everyone how much i love the music Linkin Park makes, and.
    Fort Minor isn’t bad either!



  58. hey

    hey mike u are like sooo cewl and cute
    too bad that onli 2 people in mi class listen to u thats me and another boy

  59. Hi!! are you mike ?? If you are mike. Can you send e-mail to me?? Plz Plz Plz!!! I really want to chat to you. Sally_sai [at] hotmail {dot} com I love you so much mike. I just want to talk to you.

  60. 4 all u guys,why are all these chicks COMPLETELY obsessed about mike shinoda,i mean i like him too as a singer but dont write (i luv u mike)he has a life and everything.mike i like ur music A LOT!

  61. mike, ive been hearing rumors that chester cant sing anymore cause screaming some of the songs 4 example, “a place 4 my head.”is it true,cause if it is i dont know what else to listen 2,u guys ARE IT!mike and chester,i like ur guys’s music.

  62. Hey Mike Little,

    Im just curious…were do you get “LPU Newsletters”???And also, is there a way that i can talk to some of the linkin park members???

  63. Hey Mike…

    It’s me again, can u send me all the newsletters to my e-mail please??? And tell me more info??? If u can it would really be appreiciated..thanks

  64. Hi Shayan,
    Just click on the links I gave you above and you’ll have all the info you need.
    As for the old ones, I don’t have those sorry.


  65. Hi everybody
    I just read through all your comments and… well I understand if you feel something like attraction towards someone like mike shindoda (he’s famous, rich…bla bla bla) but don’t you think that he doesn’t give a f***?!?! I mean, if you receive a love letter or something you’ll surely be flattered but that’s probably it. Don’t you guys think that he feels the same way? And apart from that, I guess you shouldn’t say you “love” someone unless you met him at least once. Don’t ya think? And if you would meet mike on the street, being a noone, having no band, no fame, I think ya’ll wouldn’t be so crazy for him.
    Well and honestly I have to say, Linkin Park is NOT the best band in the world. I don’t believe their lyrics. I don’t think they feel this way. Their life’s were way too perfect. If you take Marilyn Manson (Brian Warner) he’s a true artist. He makes that kind of music and he’s allowed to do so. (His grandpa raped him when he was little!!!) I think this man’s really broken inside, or at least he was! Sorry guys from Linkin Park, I think you’re just writing such songs cause it’s rock. There’s nothing more behind it. And I don’t believe your “crawling in my skin-thing”. Maybe I beleive Chester cause he’s been through some tough time’s too but the others…. By the way Jay-Z sucks! He once said: “Music is a product and products have to sell!!!” If someone says that, he’s a complete idiot to me! He’s a f****** entrepreneur and not a musician. All he wants is makin money and if a rockband works with someone like him… well I don’t think they really care for music. I did not write all this because I want to piss you guys of, I just wanted to get rid of all this. It’s really been creeping in my mind for months now and fortunately I found this site.


  66. in a way you’re right. I also don’t believe that Brad, rob..a.s.o had such a hard time but i think chester had it because i read once that he got abused. If it’s true so i think he was really down, and i know that he was in with heroin. And with mike you don’t know! have you heard Fort minor? listen to it, it’s great and belongs to all people. check it out!
    bye guys

  67. Yes, I too know about the things that chester’s been through. And I know a lot more about mike than you think… I wouldn’t have written it if I don’t…
    And I have the Fort Minor Record. The only thing that was kind of good and remembered me of my past is “kenjí”. But the other song’s didn’t impress me much.
    I think that Jay-Z is not the best person to deal with. He’s a f*****g business man! I don’t like it when people talk about music like that!
    I never been a Linkin Park fan, I always found them kind of interesting. But since that s**t with Jay-Z…. I don’t know… I don’t think that the other guys of Linkin Park would have done that if there wasn’t Mike. That’s all his crab.


  68. Hy there Mikey… I love u too, I am a big fan of you and I am much beautiful than your fuckin wife damn it!! am I’m waiting for you forver.My name id Karolina Kurkova.If you see this message, you can find me in Passadena(for now).You can easily find me cuz I am a model.:D ba’bye pumpkin

  69. i think baby_girl u have gone over the top about u getting married to mike he is allready married all of u who say mike is hot and u will spend the rest of your life loving him it’s not going to happen because he has found the person he loves and want’s to spend the rest of his life with her all of u have to stop day dreaming about how i’am going to get married to him there are a lot of other people in life u can love that arn’t in a boy band do anyone agree so big up Linkin park

  70. Hey!!!y’all good you guys??I really think that some of you guys should just STOP talking trash about linkin park and specifically Mike Shinoda..I mean come on…That “SEE CLEARLY” dude,I think he/she doesn’t even know the sh*t he/she is writing.I mean,man,you have every right to state your own opinion but don’t go that far..Anyway,I thing you’re pretty damn wrong.Songs such as “crawling” come straight from your heart and soul,believe me,they don’t just pop out of nowhere.All the linkin park lyrics are really powerfull and touching they just express how most of us feel..It’s really nice listening to song that you can easily get related to.It’s like you’re kind of sharing your worries and pain..So I guess I just wanted to say this because this dude really pissed me off.Linkin Park is the best band ever;they’re all so talented and they all appreciate and respect their fans and music.Now if you have a problem with that too,I say you should just keep your ears shut,cus man,this year is gonna be “Linkin Year” alright??You might just want to keep listening to this f*cked up-drugged up bit*h,Marilyn Manson.(he can bearly stand in his feet because of his huge addiction to drugs..I kinda feel sorry for him-he is really pathetic..)Anyway,LP rocks!Can’t wait for their new album!!!SHINNIZLE 4 EVER AND EVER….!!!SEE YA!

  71. Frm Da time wen i B’came A rock lover,LINKIN PARK is my most favourite band.And mike shinoda in dis band is my favourite rapper.And i also have a similar looks like a mike shinoda.HEY MIKE U R COOOOOOOOOOOL MAN> I LIKED YUR STYLE>AND I WANNA BECOME SAME AS U>IF U WERE MY FRND IN MY LIFE I W’D HAVE TOLD ALL OF MY FRNDS ABT U….DAT U R A GREAT ROCKER EVER AND NO 1 GONNA KLASH U IN DA COMPETETION OF ROCKERS……..MIKE MY FRND PLZZZZZZZZ MAIL ME

  72. hey mike im from slovenia-europa i love LP and you i listen your songs every day realy u are gread i know all abaut LP =) plz mail me plz!!so bye bye and have fun


  74. mike shinoda, aishiteru……….
    i love mike coz mike is everything for me. he is my love, inspiration, my soulmate and everything. mike i love you forever, till my life is over………

  75. i think lp is a great band. their music is really great! And, Yes, mike is very cute. but he is married and i do agree that we should respect mike and his family and keep our comments respectful.

  76. i just thought id go ahead and say that…… I MET LINKIN PARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ah!!!!!!!!!! YUP YUP. it was the single greatest day on my entire life! I FREAKING HUGGED THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!! (well, except for Hahn…apparently he enjoys hiding in all of the pictures… >:(…) but still…. my life is complete.

  77. I LOVE U MIKE AND CHESTER YALL R SOOOOOO CUTE . I LIVE IN TRINIDAD . PLEASE COME TO TRINIDAD AND HAVE A CONCERT PLEASEEEEEE 🙁 CAUSE YALL R THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD I LOVEEEEEE YYYAAALLLL (L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)(L) TALK TO ME SEND ME A MESSAGE AT “ please come to trinidad i wana see yall i love yall i can’t stop thinking about yall 247 i am thinkng about yall LOVE YALL and don’t 4 get to e-mail me please well bye 4 now love yall and always thinking about u MUAH XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

  78. LP rocks they have tha best talant for music and have great support to keep on going. rock hard guy, please don’t let tha weird fans ever stop you making music that reach the soul.we lovein it fully sick mates.

  79. oh by the way love the music they make dont personaly know them to say i love them, but can’t have a party with out em. when will they let you breath???

  80. mike is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. My best friends sister was due to see linkin park but had to have a brain tumour removed that day. we are trying to get hold of maybe a signed cd or something .
    Have been trying to contact linkin park but to no avail.

  82. You people are crazy! You don’t know him, oh my god!he makes good music and i respect the man but i don’t love him.Don’t you think you people scare him with all that talk about how you can’t stop thinking about him and how much you love him?Girlz….. for your own safety….you should leave the house immediately and meet boys!There are some nice ones out there you know!


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