Linkin Park

I ‘re-discovered’ Reanimation by Linkin Park this morning. That is, I put it in my CD drive at work for the first time in a few weeks and found myself unable to remove it 🙂 A truly classic album.
But then I forgot to bring it home tonight, so I’m currently listening to Meteora

2 thoughts on “Linkin Park

  1. well i got both those cds n u got good taste i no i dont no u but ur journal jus poped up on google… so ya reanimation is great everything is remixed tho… u should by hybrid theory cuz i think those r the no remixed vertions of some of the songs on reanimation

  2. ok, i really like linkin park, but no offence to them ..but reanimation was dissapointing..pts. of athrty. was good, but the others were uh..well not as great of the origionals…i still think that hybrid theory is the best…anyways, many of the ppl i know hate LP…they suck monkey balls..just thought id say that…uh if chester or mike..or the other members are on here plz actually tell us..ppl think ur actually reading it its..SO SAD!!!..well im out …peace!

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