Linkin Park – Meteora

Aaagh! I’m getting withdrawal symptoms already. I’m in an all day meeting today, so I can’t listen to the new Linkin Park – Meteora album. It’s all I’ve listened to for the last two days. I can see this turning into another obsession somewhat like I had with Reanimation.
Truly a fantastic album! Must listen some more…

24 thoughts on “Linkin Park – Meteora

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  2. You hav gotta get it, the best by far, besides Hybrid Theory, that was real good, if u dont have get outta here right now, this is an album of sensationally mixed sounds that have been taken to the next level and sung by the one and only beautiful Chester Bennington and Mike Shindoda, not because of Bennington’s screaming that makes it extraordinary, its the words and the way he sings them to you, its just so…magical.

  3. Linkin Park rules!!! Their style is totally new.. metal mixed up with hip-hop sounds… chester’s golden voice .. Mike’s amazing rap! Hope that the next cd is as fine as this one :p


  5. Linkin Park is one of the best fusion bands ever!! They have combined
    metal, hip-hop, techno and even pop and soul music to create an amazing
    sound. Meteora is a great CD! Looking forward to the next CD (coming out
    in 2006!!)

  6. Linkin Park is the Best F****** Band In the World. Their Music styles are like no other bands. Metal, Hip Hop, and Pop Come tgether awesomely when Linkin Park Mixes it. Rob You are Hott.

  7. yea, meteora is the best album LP has released so far. they are def. my favorite band. on LP’s web site it said they’re next CD is going to have a new sound. i dunno if thats good or bad cuz i think the music they put together on hybrid theory and meteora is like no other.

  8. ok i hear that the cd would be out in the spring… no i cant wait to bring it home. my family is goin to go crazy and friend when i keep, playin it. only thing i have to say is good luck lp ur the best rock/rap band ever no one esle, and cant wait for ur cd.. then one day some day i’ll be on stage with ya.

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