I have to move desks at work tomorrow. 🙁 I knew this was coming up after the company re-organisation a few months ago, and that pretty much everyone will have to move to a new place, but it has taken a long time to get organised. Unfortunately the rumours all week have been that the bulk of the moving would take place next week. In fact the plans and schedule published today confirmed this. Except… for three people who have to move tomorrow. Yep, I’m one of them.
The pain is that I have a lot of stuff to move, probably more than anyone else; there is my whole cd collection — 12 CD racks full of CDs + more, a few dozen reference books, as well as the usual stacks of papers, three drawers full of junk… Oh yeah, and a PC and monitor 🙂
Anyway, given the amount of other work I have to do tomorrow, I started moving some of it tonight. I’ve got the CD’s and books done so it shouldn’t be too bad tomorrow.