First Week Over

I’ve now spent my first week in my new job. So far so good. I’m enjoying it.

I’ve managed to fix a couple of bugs, implement part of a quick proof of concept, and help resolve some really tricky build issues. Everyone seems pretty friendly and I’m getting on great with my immediate colleagues.

I got a nice shiny new PC (though I need more memory, which is on it’s way). They are going to get me a taller chair and desk which is great. I’ve yet to move my CD collection into the office 🙂

I’ve heard via IM/email from a couple of ex-colleagues this week which was nice.

12 thoughts on “First Week Over

  1. Hi Mike, this is all very random. I’m the tech recruiter at and I came across your cv whilst searching for Build Engineer/Manager on Google. It seems I’m too late as you already have a new job but i’m keen to know if you have referrals or can advise if there are any build related blogg sites I could tap into?
    Any way good luck with the new role.

  2. Hi Emmma, I don’t know of any build related blogs, but if I can think of anyone who may fit the bill I will put them in touch with you. Good luck with your hunt.

  3. helllllow mate, muaahahahahaha, ah am back, ye worst nightmare! but if ye must know ah am p***ed off wi’ ye never reply’n’ to me comments

  4. busy wi’ ye daughters birthday? ah here it’s everyones birthday here, so ye see and me couzin hasnae came this weekend

  5. He has said what he has said because you’re opening comment on anyones blog or guest book seems to be attempting to get a ‘rise’ out of someone and wind them up. As you did on mine. If they ‘bite’ you get offensive. It’s not very nice.
    This is family, don’t be insulting or offensive.
    Remember that on the web no one can see if you have a smile on your face when you write something. No one can see if your tongue is in your cheek.

  6. ah didnae send that comment to him, my brother Pierre did, me brother just thought that ‘megan’ was a teenager and that is the reason he used the language he used, and besides you weren’t that nasty back to me when ah thrue harsh words at you but your friend did, so our hacles are on edge, no one is aggressive back to us, no one dares, for example we can be nasty to them but they cannae be nasty back to us so it was wrong of ye friend to be nasty back to me brother, but Pierre is sorry

  7. Hi Damien,
    I’m considering getting an iPod at some point, but I need huge capacity. I don’t particularly like the quality of MP3’s in anything but near CD-quality. I’d also want my whole collection on one. Whenever I rip a CD to disk (not often) at the best quality it seems to take about 110MB. So with more than 600 CD’s I’m really gonna need 80 Gig to give me a bit of spare room! 🙂

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