Busy Week

Things have been hotting up at work. Project Dandy is nearing completion: the admin/cms system should go live before the end of next week, and the front end web site the following week. It’s been a long time coming this one. But it’s looking good. The list of bugs has been under 20 for the last couple of days, and some of those are fairly minor. The test cycles seem to be going well with less than predicted failures for the last one, and the current one looking promising.
An old friend from a couple of companies ago (for whom I got some contract work last year) started full time employment here this week.
This week I’ve been estimating for future work over the next couple of months. Today I saw the outline plans for the next three months. Some of the projects which were put on hold to concentrate on Dandy will be coming back on line. Good, I should be able to reduce the number of parallel branches of development (10 is too many really!)