Busy Day

We’ve all had a busy day today. It started very early. Jan had us all up by 6:30! Jan, Jamie and Jan’s sister Wendy were going to a car boot sale to be held in the local park this morning. It was to be an all-day sale as Stockport Carnival was on today too. Mean while I had a big job to do, which was to remove the window seat in the lounge. This is in preparation for the new windows being fitted next week. We are having the bay window rebuilt hence the need to remove the window seat before the workmen arrive to demolish the bay.
But first, I went back to bed for an hour! 😉 When I eventually got to work on it, it went quite well. It wasn’t as tough as I had thought it was going to be. I only managed to cut my self once when I caught my arm on a nail resulting in a deep gash. In all I had the window seat removed, some temporary cover up work and everything cleaned up in about two and a half hours. Quite good going for me that (no cigarette breaks anymore!).
Then I had lunch, showered and walked up to the park to see the girls. The carnival parade was arriving as I made my way into the park. The various bands I could hear on my way up sounded much better than last year. I eventually found the girls and the car. They had had a good day so far. Especially Jamie who was selling off some of her old toys and books. She managed to raise just over £45 altogether. Jan did well, and Wendy made more than she was expecting. We had just decided to start packing up as things were going quiet, when the rain started (it had been threatening all day). That decided for us and we quickly packed up and set off home.
The girls were exhausted from their early start and were both in bed by 9pm!

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