Jamie brought all her work books home from school today in preparation for the end of year. She also brought a pile of papers, drawings, etc. I’ve been looking through some of her work and it is fantastic! I’m really surprised at the quality and depth of some of the work she has been doing. She tells us next to nothing about the work she does. We do try to ask and express an interest, we are full of praise when she deserves it and supportive when she needs helps. But we get next to nothing back! It is very frustrating. I also found a certificate showing that she had taken and passed her bronze level keyboard exam 10 days ago! She was in bed when I found it so I couldn’t ask, but she hasn’t told us a thing about taking this exam or that she had passed it. *sigh*

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  1. Don’t be too frustrated, I think all kids are like that. Whenever our daughter (who turns 8 in October) has been involved in something and we try to ask her about it, she acts like it’s so uninteresting that it’s not worth talking about. “How did you do on your spelling test?” “I dunno.” or “Did you have fun at swimming lessons today?” “Yeah, I guess.” And then, of course, she’s making straight A’s in school and she turns out to be the best swimmer in her class.

    Kids just have different priorities. Mary is far more excited about the release of “Spy Kids 3D” this weekend than she was about learning to swim. But we *know* that she had fun at swimming lessons.

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