Joseph, Jamie and The Taxman

I made my phone calls this morning: The inland revenue are still a huge disorganised bureaucracy! I got transferred from one department to another, and in the end I have to fill in a new form and I may as well have not bothered with the last one. I also found out I have been paying tax on a benefit I haven’t received for the last four years and will have to try to claim it back! The investment company I phoned about surrendering a policy have decided to rip me off! I lodged an official complaint! I also had to phone the hospital to chase up an appointment that I have been waiting for. It still hadn’t been made, but the lady I spoke to was able to do so whilst I was on the phone. So it has taken them more than a month since they received the referral from my GP to make the appointment, andthey still wouldn’t have made it if I hadn’t called them! I still have to wait more than a month to actually go into hospital for the appointment.

After lunch Jan and I went down to school for the show. I hadn’t realised it was going to be in the church. We got seats and settled down to wait. Eventually the kids came out and started the show. They did about ten songs from Joseph. They were really quite good. The PA system stopped working so it was a little hard to hear the soloists, but all in all they did very well. The costumes were good too. I took some photos and will put them in the gallery soon.

After coffee and biscuits in the parish hall, we went for our appointment with Jamie’s teacher. As usual she was full of praise for Jamie. She did not have a single complaint to make. She said she could not recall having to tell Jamie off for anything at all this year! She read us a story Jamie had written as part of her ‘optional’ SATS exam she took in May. The story was fantastic, and it had been graded by the year six teacher at level four, which is the level she will be expected to attain in year six. She is currently in year four, and will start year five next year. Her teacher assures us she will be doing year six work next year as she as pretty much attained year five level already!