Yadda Yadda…

Work: I squeezed in a code merge today at work in between bug fixing. It was hot in the office today! A ridiculous 85.3 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s winter outside! Whilst it may have been mild weather the last couple of days (apart from the wind), it was unbearably hot in the office! Not conductive to work.

Home: Paula was visiting when I got home. We spent most of the evening chatting about things. Including discussing my recall problem. I’m definitely going to write a detailed article about it. I’m going to start tonight.
There was a funny incident when Jan, cooking spaghetti, discovered a hole in the bottom of the packet, and half the packet spilled on the floor. Paula and Jamie decided to play pick up sticks! 🙂
I’ve put the pictures up in the gallery. Click to go there…
Pickup Sticks with spaghetti

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