Interesting Conversation

I had a long, interesting conversation with Jan tonight about my lack of ability to visualize (amongst other things). It was quite enlightening (and somewhat frustrating). We also got on to some other related topics of conversation which was again an eye opener for is both. Particularly one subject in which we found we had quite opposite views 🙂
I feel that I want to develop an article about my memory recall ‘problem’. Something in which I am finding out more about my difference from everyone else I know. Soon (I hope).

3 thoughts on “Interesting Conversation

  1. Memory recall problem? Could you explain?

    For the record I have a terrible memory. Well, I remember some things really well (phone numbers, for example and faces) but I can’t remember names, and my short term memory really sucks – someone can ask me to do something for them and 10 minutes later I’ve forgotten all about it.

  2. I’m going to put together an article about my thoughts on this. I too can quite easily forget recent things, but I think it’s more a case of being distracted which stops the short term memory being reinforced. My’problem’ however is of a very different nature. More soon 🙂

  3. My memory used to be realy good until i hit the age of ‘wanting to experiment’…..drugs are bad kids.i really wish i could have that memory back but i gues this is the price i must pay for being so irresponsible.

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