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It has been a little over three weeks since I got my account on Gmail, Google’s web mail service. I have been using it daily and have quite a lot of mail directed to my account. Enough that I have about 1200 mails in my ‘All Mail’ label and that doesn’t include the spam and other trivia I have deleted.
Suffice to say, I have given it a ‘good go’. The verdict: I quite like it. I’m very impressed with some of the features, and less impressed with others.
One of the things Iwould change is the fact if you send an email to your self, gmail does not put it in the inbox. I often send myself notes and links to remind me of something when I get home. If I do that with gmail I have to remember to go drag it out of the sent folder and move it to the inbox.
Another wish would be to be able to mark two message as part of the same thread. Today I replied to an email with no subject, edited the subject in my reply and gmail decided my reply was not part of the same conversation.
I do like the search, I am getting used to typing ‘label:lego book’ to find all book mentions on the lego mailing list.
I love the threaded conversation mode (when it works)
I hate the fact that I can no longer just type text to find it on the page (a fabulous Mozilla/Firefox feature).
I don’t understand why it regularly guesses wrongly which parts of an email are quotes. It seems to think signatures are quoted material, and bizarrely, the last of the three links in a ‘comment for moderation’ email from WordPress!

However, it is certainly good enough that I have used up my first three lots of invitations recommending it to people. But now I have some more.
If you are interested in a gmail invitation, contact me and let me know why I should send one to you.

11 thoughts on “Gmail Looking Good

  1. Gmail is frustrating me. I have received 3 invites and each time I try to confirm the invite it says the invite has already been used. Anyone else heard of this or experienced it?


  2. It’s so hard to find an invitation to Gmail…if you don’t have any more… :\ I don’t really know where to find one, because i’m really interested.
    Regards from Spain 😉

  3. Gmail is very well done, but I don’t know if I will use it as my main address because I have Mail on my Mac which has the same feature (very fast search and threading). The good thing about Gmail is that you can have all your messages at hand from wherever you are…so I’ll try it a little more and then decide…


  4. Hi Michelle,
    thanks for your comments. I’m still need a couple of key features before I can switch over completely. I still don’t think that 1 gig is enough either!

    (I corrected your first comment btw.)

  5. you’re the best bandicoot ever. thanks!

    did you know i am moving back to the uk. i’ve decided to pretend i have brains and go back to university. 😀

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