Gmail does draft!

I’ve just noticed Gmail now has a save as draft option. It’s appeared in the last couple of hours. It was definitely something I was waiting for. It’s another step in the right direction.
Other new stuff: the contacts have moved into the main browser window rather than being a popup. They now appear more like the mail folder interface, though the division is purely ‘frequently mailed’ or all contacts, I think that is too crude to be useful, I prefered the alphabetic links. There is a search which looks in the notes as well as name and email.
Another change is that the “Invite x friends to Gmail” link has disappeared back below the fold (or at least it is if you have a lot of labels). Which I think is a step backwards.

Update: The contact info can now include a good assortment of extra info like telephone numbers, addresses, IM, copany, etc. And in multpiple ‘sets’ like home, work, etc. Groovy. I wonder if import contacts will populate those new fields if they are present in the import…

Another Update:You can now do forwarding! Under settings you can “Forward a copy of incoming mail to [emailaddress]” and optionally put a copy in your gmail inbox, archive or trash. And you can do it in a filter.

9 thoughts on “Gmail does draft!

  1. Logtar,
    I agree. I have a lot of contacts and only being able to access them as frequent or whole list is not good enough.

    Still, I’m impressed every time I use gmail.


  2. you could also check your emails without having to open the web browser. you could have a notifier sitting in your systray which could periodically check for your emails.

  3. Hi LadyC,
    I tried that on my works PC, but it stopped working after a while. At home I run Debian…
    I just tend to leave a Mozilla or Firfox tab open on GMail which refreshes automatically and the title changes to tell me there is unread new mail.

  4. Another good move by Google to make a good thing even better. I am sure they will continue to roll out more featues (and perhaps integrate GMail into their browser somehow?).


  5. this stupid Gmail is not so great. I can never retreive my mail. only on occasion when it feels like sending it to me…..

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