Minority Report

I’ve recently finished Minority Report by Philip K. Dick. Which is a re-published collection of short stories. Re-published to cash in on the movie based on the short story of the same name, I presume.
In all it was quite a good collection. I have not read a lot of Philip K Dick before, so this collection was an eye opener. I liked all the stories (although one much less then the others); he has a quirky sense of plot, and likes to add an unexpected twist to each of the stories and give you something to think about. This collection also included “We can remember it for you wholesale” which was the inspiration for the movie Total Recall. I say inspiration, because the point of the story is quite different from the movie.
I also found that the science in this science fiction was quite dated. Typical of the pre-70s (when these were written). In fact, it kind of made my feel a little nostalgic; I first started reading Sci-Fi in 1971 (Asimov’s ‘I Robot’ was the first book I ever bought).

Anyway, recommended!