The Gaean Trilogy

I’ve started reading the Gaean Trilogy by John Varley. This must be at least the fourth time. I’m currently on the first of the trilogy – Titan. This series of books is a must for any Science Fiction/Fantasy fan. Truly awesome story. I’ll try to write more when I’ve finished the first one.

2 thoughts on “The Gaean Trilogy

  1. The Gaean Trilogy is, in fact, a very intriguing series of works. Though it establishes little in the way of a strong moral theme or some creative metaphorical take on modern civilization, it does offer a very enjoyable romp through the disturbed and twisted mind the author. The depth of the Gaean world is so evident that it is very easy to become enveloped in its rich story. It is truly a masterpiece in its own way. In fact, I would love if they made a series of movies based the events in the books. It feels as if the books were almost on the verge of a potential screenplay. Now why is it that so little attention has been made in regards to this trilogy (perhaps the level of vulgarity and the tasteless sexual scenes make it very difficult to market to the average American family). I can see it being watched almost exclusively by fans of the books.

  2. I’ve been a fan of this series since i was nine and until recently had no idea how few people had actually heard of, let alone read these books. it was a shock to learn that people were uncomfortable with the sex scenes ,and i definitely wouldn’t call them tasteless, they seemed to me to create a certain emotional bond with the characters that you don’t necessarily get through other character development mechanisms. making a movie would be especially difficult thanks to the Titanides, as centaurs have always been tricky proportionately, adding the odds and ends genitalia would only make it that much more complicated, and the fans of the books would never be completely satisfied by them.

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