Tik-Tok, Escape from Kathmandu and Memory of Whiteness

I forgot to mention, the last time I posted a books catch up, that I had read Tik-Tok by John Sladek. This was a book that reminded me of old style Sci Fi books, from back when I first started buying books. Though it was published in the 1980’s. Sladek writes with a wicked sense of humour, (I also read Roderick many years ago), and his satirical stories are very enjoyable. Recommended.

More recently I finished Escape from Kathmandu by Kim Stanley Robinson, of which, the cover claims, the Washington Post said “laugh-out-loud funny”. I thought there were some amusing parts to what amounts to four short-ish stories based around the same characters. But not laugh-out-load, not even chuckle-to-myself. Still, the stories were interesting if not what I was expecting.
I’m now reading Memory of Whiteness also by Kim Stanley Robinson. More on this when I’ve finished it.