Books, Books, Books (Memory Of Whiteness, Rewired, Barry Trotter, and The Vanishing Man)

I’ve gotten behind with reviewing the books I read again:
I finished Memory of Whiteness by Kim Stanley Robinson a week ago now. I have to say I was not impressed. I really struggled to finish the book. It wasn’t that it was particularly bad, or at least the plot wasn’t too bad. It just seemed to be told in a very lack lustre way. The Characters too, had little going for them. Not recommended!
After that I moved on to Rewired: An Opinionated Net Historyby David Hudson. This was OK, showing it’s age (it was written in 1997) in some of the predictions, and anticipated trends. There were some completely wrong ‘facts’ too, I know it is written from a non-technical viewpoint for non-technical readers, but still completely wrong is still wrong. I’ve not finished that one yet, but I got distracted by one of my birthday books: Barry Trotter and the Shameless Parody by Michael Gerber. Very, very funny. Juvenile in places, good puns, witty plays on words, not for kids! Recommended.
Finally I’m on to The Vanished Man by Jeffrey Deaver. I’ve just started that tonight.