Best of 2001 and The Skies Of Pern

I’ve been neglecting my blog a bit lately, so I haven’t updated the ‘currently reading’ section for a few days. It’s been saying none, when in fact I’ve read several stories from Science Fiction: the Best of 2001 edited by Robert Silverberg. I say “some stories” because I struggled to get through some of the ones I did read. So much so that I put it to one side and moved on to The Skies of Pern by Anne McCaffrey which I am very much enjoying.
I nearly put this one to one side after I had started it too. But this time because it is the latest in the series and I still have to read at least the previous two books and I found myself reading about things that had happened in the previous books. In the end I decided it was too good to stop, and so I continued. I’m about two thirds of the way through the book now. I’ll say more when I’ve finished it.