May? It’s already May?

Apparently it’s already May! What happened? Where have the first four months of the year gone? I mean, I don’t really keep track of the passage of time much, but I kinda divide the year into before my birthday and after my birthday. Well it’s my birthday this month which means that the first ‘half’ has already gone.
What have I done? What have I achieved? Which of my plans have come to fruition? Did I make any plans?
Treading water is a phrase that comes to mind.
Actually I didn’t make any plans, I never do. I never have done. I often feel that I am supposed to, or even pretend that I have, but a plan you have no belief in or no intention of carrying through doesn’t count, does it?
Actually I make it up as I go along. All of it. Everything. Work, family, everything. Hmmm… That should be work, family, full stop. There is nothing else. And when I say work, I mean computery stuff, which I ‘do’ most of the time, some of which I get paid for, which is good, but not enough, which is another story. And when I say family, I mean Jan and Jamie, and occasionally some of the others, but that’s a lot less than it was, which is yet another story.
I’m rambling now, as I sometimes do, but not usually here. And I’ve got a dozen things to do, and a 90-page document to read for a meeting first thing tomorrow. So I’d better go and read it…
Right… I’m going… Now.