Xmas Skin For Journalized Theme

As a seasonal treat I have released the Xmas Skin I occasionally use on this blog as an extra skin for my Journalized theme.

screenshot of xmas skin
click for a larger image.

You can download the xmas skin here:

  • Once you have downloaded it. Unzip it, then upload the files to your journalized/skins directory.
  • Go to Appearance -> Journalized Options in the admin screen, and select the new skin.
  • If you want a picture of Santa to appear along side your blog title, type ‘santa.gif’ into the ‘Header Image’ box and uncheck both ‘Add the image in the background’ and ‘Turn off the blog title’.
  • If you want your header to be full width, check that box and set header image height to be 138 pixels (that worked for me)
  • Finally save your settings and you are done

I hope you enjoy this bit of seasonal frivolity. 😉

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