Journalized Theme 2 Beta 2

I have released a minor update to my Journalized Theme version 2. This fixes issue where is didn’t save your options. Some people have reported this problem. Having found and fixed the bug, I cannot understand how it ever worked, unless WordPress’ get_settings() function has changed.
I have also included a fix for the slashes problem in the column headers, and a couple of minor cleanups. You can get it from here: journalized-theme-2.0-Beta-2.tar.gz or .
The main page to leave comments about this is the Journalized Theme Version 2 page.

Remember this is still beta code. It is a minor update to the previous release. I have a lot more code written, but it is not complete or tested yet.

Update: I’ve put together a readme file listing the changes I made.

8 thoughts on “Journalized Theme 2 Beta 2

  1. Very very nice, love the easy I can add an image to the header, all that is missing is widget compatibility and this would be perfect.

  2. Hi,

    I beginning my journey to Internet Marketing.
    I have a lot of thing to know.
    Like how to use a blog. I spent week to find a theme for WP finally got this.

    Would you mind sharing where to get good plugin?

  3. Hi Dave,
    You need to select the “full width of browser” checkbox, and also the “Add to background of header box” to have your image appear correctly. The image is in the correct place.

    Currently without the second check box selected, the side columns don’t always clear the header image. It depends on it’s height. I need to add a box to allow you to specify the height of your image to the configuration page. That’ll be in the next release.

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