Poorly Jamie

Poor Jamie, my soon-to-be-11-year-old daughter, has developed Chicken Pox! She’s not very happy about it — she’s had to miss out on a sleepover. The spots started breaking out yesterday, which means she probably got infected in the last few days at school.
She’s not too ill with it, thankfully, though off her food somewhat. She’s currently lying on the sofa watching CBBC and checking for new spots in a mirror. As each one erupts, she’s been giving it a name! I think Trevor was the first one, and we’ve had a Bob and a Tessie. Sadly Trevor has now expired and gone crusty!

We are all hoping she’ll be OK in time for her birthday on the 21st!

4 thoughts on “Poorly Jamie

  1. Congratulations to Jamie on achieving a rite of passage!

    Doubtless thoughts of middle-aged health woes are far from her mind, but were she inclined to consider the benefits, she should be happy that she will soon possess valuable antibodies, itchiness notwithstanding. Or perhaps she should be leery, in the knowledge that varicella zoster will have taken up residence in her spinal cord, awaiting a moment of immunological weakness to strike again.

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