Another Year

That’s another year nearly over. One in which I’ve had some major changes in my life. One which seemed to have flown by in retrospect (don’t they all?).
Next year will be another year of changes, with any luck the big changes will be the ones anticipated and planned for, like Jamie going to high school.
Of course, if everything that happened was expected and planned-for, life would be terribly boring. I just wouldn’t want to repeat some of the things that have happened this year.
I’m hoping to be a little more visible on line next year. I’m hoping to be much more organized and achieve some personal goals. I’m hoping that David Allen’s Getting Things Done will help. I must lose the weight I’ve gained since stopping cycling. I really want to swim more and get better at it. I want to do something more active with music. I don’t know what yet, but I have recently missed being a (very small) part of the music industry. There are a million software things I want to do! There are skills I want to gain, and experiences I want to… experience!
I don’t really expect to achieve a tenth of what I would like, but next year I am determined to do some of them.

2 thoughts on “Another Year

  1. Don’t we all want to do a million different things? Sometimes, time does not allow this and it is better to just accept it. The Acquatic Centre opens at 6 so there will always be time for exercise in 2005.

  2. You sound exactly like me…trying to get everything done before it’s too late! When I type in this comment box the last two words go off into the end of the box and I cannot see them. Anyway, good luck getting the most important things done and I cannot tell you, but the swimming and biking and weights together make a good combination, though for me the swimming can create a sense of lethargy – maybe stick to the more energizing exercises. Well, gotta go spit my rinse and retire for it is soon to be 1AM and the big blizzard approaches here in the pathetically uninteresting northeastern section of Connecticut, USA (personally ashamed to have bullet head bush in control of others’ lives).

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