Kids And Stuff

We’ve got all the kids staying tonight, Thom, Bekki, and Megan, along with Jamie. It got more than a little bit noisy earlier, but the girls are all asleep now, so things are quiet. Thom is watching TV, but should be going to sleep soon.
Earlier, we had a lazy lie-in because Jamie had stayed over at her friend, Jess’ house. When we eventually got up in time for Jamie returning, I did some shopping, and finally got round to buying a fixing kit for the rear view mirror in the car. It fell off a couple of weeks ago, and has been falling off regularly ever since. I got it fixed on; the instructions said to fix the back part first and hold it in place for a minute, then leave it 15 minutes before attaching the mirror. Unfortunately our mirror does not detach from the back, so I ended up holding it in place for 10 minutes or so! By that time my arm was aching! I hope it was long enough.

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