Full House

This morning, I had to go to my Mums to fetch an automatic washer for her. She’s acquired it from a friend of a friend, and wanted me to get it for her. I called at her place to meet up with some guy who was going to help. I picked him up and we went to fetch the washer. Ah ha! My mother seems to have neglected to mention that it is on the fourth floor, and there is no lift! We managed to get it down, me sweating a little more than I should be for the effort involved, and into the car.
Back at my Mum’s house we discovered that it won’t actually fit into the space she has for it. So she asked me to “Just chop a bit off the side of this cupboard”. Yeah right! I managed to convince her she needs to buy a narrower cupboard to replace the one she has now, as ‘chopping a bit off’ would be too difficult. Even if it had fitted, she wouldn’t be able to use it: she has yet to arrange for someone to plumb the washer in!

Back home we had full house all day. All the kids from overnight, plus their parents, plus Paula, plus me and Jan. It got a little noisy and a bit stressful for me at times, but I coped.