What A Weekend!

Phew! What a weekend I’ve had. I do not seem to have stopped all weekend.
I started on Saturday morning, going to find a kitchen cupboard for my mum which would fit in with here new washer. I discovered that the standard depth for all these units is more than the depth of the units in mum’s kitchen! I also found out that the prices at B&Q are much higher than I was expecting, even for the most basic white MFC. I had a look around one or two other places but couldn’t find anything suitable. I thought I had better go speak to mum before buying anything. So I went to see her and explained about the extra depth. I realised that the washer itself would have a similar depth too. She seemed OK about it. I had one more place to check: Furniture To Go, which often has stuff quite cheap but you cannot rely on what lines they are carrying at any time. Anyway, I managed to pickup a ready built 400mm base unit for quite a bit less than B&Q. I decided at that point to reuse the existing drawer front and door, so I only had to buy a drawer kit from B&Q. By that time it was getting late, and I had to do some other shopping.

Back home, I discovered that Jamie still wasn’t home from her shopping trip with Steve and Megan (they’d gone to pick out a present for Megan’s birthday next week).
Next I went off to see my sister. Michelle, as I hadn’t got to see her on her birthday (Thursday). On the way, I drove through an horrendous storm. Long lasting fork lightening and torrential rain. The streets of Cheadle Hulme could not cope with that much water falling that quickly: the roads were rapidly flooding. Luckily the worst of the storm only lasted about 15 minutes. By the time I got to Michelle’s house it was practically over. Michelle liked her cards and presents. Chris, my brother-in-law, has managed to crush one of his finger nails between two concrete posts and the nail is starting to drop off. It looked quite nasty, really black from the bruising.
Back home, Jamie was back. Steve had bought her a Spy Pen, which she was really pleased about. I put Jamie to bed at nine and Jan, Steve and I chatted for a while. I then snuck off to my ‘puter, and worked some more on Graham’s new blog.

This morning, I went round to my Mum’s house with all my tools and the new cupboard and draw kit. It took me most of the afternoon to sort everything out. Removing the old cupboard and fitting the new one was pretty easy. But because the old and new cupboard were a different make, the pre-drilled holes for the hinges, and drawer runners were in the wrong places. I had to make new ones. I got it done and cut down the width of the drawer front and door. I then plumbed in the new washer; one minor problem was the hot water pipe didn’t seal properly. I had to leave that one off and I promised to pick a new one up in the week. Mum decided to leave off trying the washer until tomorrow. Finally, I took Mum’s old washer to my sister Carole’s flat.

Back home Paula was round but left after tea. After putting Jamie to bed I got back on the computer. I’m currently trying to sort out some kind of automated backup using CPanel. I’d be able to knock one up in ten minutes if I had a shell prompt. 🙁