Cirque Du Freak

And I’ve just finished Cirque Du Freak by Darren Shan. This book was recommended to me by Thom, my grandson. It’s not the kind of book I would normally read; a children’s horror story, but it was surprisingly good. Still, it’s not what I would have read as a child!
Recommended for older children.

Update: The 12th book is out in the UK. As is the 3rd Demonata book. Click the covers to get ’em!

Sons of Destiny (Saga of Darren Shan S.) Slawter (Demonata S.)

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  1. By the way is it THAT scary. I must read it. I didn’t read it before Thom becasue the lady at Waterstone’s assured me it was ok for his age. don’t painc me.

  2. omg! i love the cirque du freak series! i don’t think it is scary at all, but is instead a great read. while they are short and read within a few hours, i would recommend them to anyone who likes vampires or fictional characters in general.

  3. I SO TOTALLY LOVED THESE BOOKS!! i read each one i less then 3 hours! but ive only read up to the 4th one, i couldn’t find 5 or 6 in any stores which is y i came on the internet to find them and i found this instead. so anyway, i really love these books!!!

  4. My favorite book series and author! Perfect! A great story line and set of characters. The author leaves you hanging begging for more!

  5. It’s a great book. I just finished Tunnels Of Blood today, and I’m looking forward to reading Vampire Mountain, which I cannot find in stores. Better order it online!

  6. these books are the best series ever i just finished reading the vampire prince, (i think that the vampaneze lord is gonna be the one that darren saved from the spider bite in the first book, i forgot his name tho

  7. THIS BOOK ROCKS!! I usually read five to seven books a week and these books have got to be in my top three with Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. I would reccomend these books for anyone. I got so caught up in these books I felt as though I was in them. I just finished Trials of Death. I can’t wait ot read the rest. And can you believe that there is an 8th book coming out in June. I am soooo excited.

  8. This book is not good.Its the best.I am so into this book.
    I on chapter three.I have all of them in the school library so I dont hava a problem finding it.It like drugs.Makes u read and read and read and read.Just awesome

  9. i loved this series. it is a great book i have all of them. my mom does not like them but i dont care they are the best!

  10. i loved theese books they are really cool and i am on the trials of death. i have to buy the book i gat them a t walgreens in the mall i guesse you could say that i am wasting my money because after i read them i don’t have any use but i can’t find them anyware else

  11. OK i am hooked up to cirque just finished vamp mount if there is an 8th book i am gonna get up on it hey peeple vist its ok
    ppl’s pictures of darren evra and mr creps. suck though

  12. I MUST HAVE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thes books are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adicting!!!!!!!!!PLS! whair can I find the 5 one?

  13. i have read up to book six. i agree with you about this being a good book. i am only sixteeen years old but i have an unusual intrest in books. i love this book it is turning out to be one of the best books i have ever read. i will not reveal what is happening is the story because i am not a spoiler. I also would like to suggest you read the “Eragon” which is also highly enjoyable.

  14. Hey Joshua,
    I must catch up on this series (I’ve got behind). By the way, you should never regard liking to read as an unusual interest regardless of your age.
    It is a fantastic hobby to be interested in reading and books, one that I wish more people would take up.

  15. hey cirque du freak is awesome, i have most the series and i can’t wait until the series is complete so i can read with any interuptions.

  16. I have just finished the 8th book and wow it is intense. I am so excited for the 9th book I hope it has as mant turnpoints as book 8.

  17. i loved cirque du freak the cliff hangers were excellent it was amazing how he just kept you guessing all the the time because i read it at school i didn’t get the chance to keep on reading i just thought it is a good interesting book i don’t know why i didn’t get the opportunaty to read before all that i am trying too say it is an exellent book.

  18. I laugh at you because my cuz ordered 9-12 from europe and i just need to read number 12. otherwise i’m completely done-yay

  19. i too love these books i read the vampire prince a few days ago. i need to go find hunters of the dusk. just to let everyone who doesn’t already know. darren shan has a web site, he has some extras and a list of books and if you can’t find one near you you can order from him. he is a great writter

  20. Hello all! I am a VAMPIRE. You humans came close to what we really are like except for a few exceptions. We live in a democracy like you humans do in the U.S.A. We can go in the sun like you do. We can get killed but it’s not easy, we can regenerate. We live for eternity unless we get our heads chopped off. We can’t regenerate once our heads are chopped off. We are everywhere amongst you humans. We do not drink blood that is an old superstition. We are not evil like it says in the books. We are just a different species. We do never harm a human unless they try and chop off our heads. And VAMPENEZE are not real(or however you spell it). That is just stupid no VAMPIRE would every do what they do. And that about sums up what I can post on this site. Once the saga is complete I will come back and message again. I’m in NEW YORK, CITY right now presently. Not for long though. In about 5 years I am leaving and going away with all my kind to our homeland which you humans will never find. GOODBYE.

  21. hiya,i alrdy read book 8 the time it got released,i cant wait to read book 9!!!!!!!!i read real
    fast so i finish in like 3 or 4 hrs,i should just learn a new language and go to a place that has
    books 9-12,which is prolly Europe! oh,and lawson,if your a vampire i need proof,i believe in
    vampires,but i need to see it to bilieve it! show a picture on this site or something,oh,oops,
    yall cant be seen it camera’s can u?

  22. man if lawson is a vampire im a vampire hunter ha ha ha. Must chop off head. but yeah these
    booksa rule.YAY DARREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!BOO J.K ROWLINg by the way Ron dies in the sixth and Harry dies in the seventh….YaY NO MORE POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. OMG!!! These are by far the best books I have ever read! I finished the 9th one just 20 minutes ago, and I cannot believe what happened! I wish I could tell you, but that wouldn’t be any fun. All I’m going to say is that I cried. Oh my gosh, I cried! After reading all 9 of them in less than 2 weeks, I am absolutely outraged that I have to wait all the way till October for the 10th book! I think I’m going to die before then, these books are like drugs! Instead of nicotine patches, they need Cirque du Freak patches! Counting the days…

  24. i cant believe what happend in book 9,i was so sad i cried as well Amanda = (,and
    i’ll hate to have to wait till october,its June right now here,almost July,still a far ways off.
    IM COUNTING THE DAYZ…i think im dead,*dies*,hehe.i finished book 9 as fast as last time,2-5 hrs,
    within there,got the book 2 dayd after it came out….*silently cries*

  25. go darren!!!! these books are awsome i think these are better than harry potter ….ya i know you must think im kakacookoo but no im not yaaaaaaaaaaaaay go darren…im on the vampire prince almost done..well…um go darren!!

  26. am i getting anoying well sorry ty darren your #1 fan…well maybe….ya i am lol bye darren you rule and 1 more thing lol i am anoying right anywase how many books are there going to be anyone please answer……please bye

  27. i hate r.v now hes………..well i cant tell you anyway im on the ninth finished the 8 one in 1 day!!!lol i hate steve to and mr tiny and…wait i hate every1 lol r.v is an asswipe i hate him*stupid hooky*!

  28. I just got finished reading the 10th book,its REALLY,SURPRISING! hurry and cach up guys! U WONT BELIEVE WHO HARKAT WASSSSSSSSS! :P,anyway,I AM DARRENS #1 FAN,I LOVE YA DARREENNNNNNNNNN *SMOTHER*

  29. I need to find book #9!!! Number 8 was awesome,Nick you’re wrong Steve isn’t the vampaneze prince but you really need to read #8, rembember R.V.?

  30. That is an ausome series! I hear it will be a movie from waner brothers! (oh I cant wait to see them!:) ) I have read all of them except for the new one that just came out…They are really actionpacked and a great read…It is not scary but if u like stuff like werewolves ghost vampires or any thing supernatural… U will LOVE it!

  31. Man i got the first 5 for christmas which was 3 days ago and im already thats how good they are im looking to by books 6 to 10 but no one has them crappy eh o well

  32. I read all ten books 3 times and i an will die if i don’t get the 11th one soon. i wonder if the auther will make a movie I would be the first in line

  33. ATTENTION ALL CIRQUE DU FREAK LOVERS i was just on a movie website and……………….theres going tobe a Cirque Du Freak movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. i just finished reading book 10…i got three other people hooked on the series…book 10 wasnt as good as the others…but number nine was so amazing…so many plot twists…i never would have guessed…anyways…i cant wait til number 11 comes out in may..o well

  35. and by the way…if anyone read lawson’s entry…he is lying…we do drink blood…thats why we live for so long…he was right about sunlight…its just really bright, thats all…and chopping our heads off isnt the only way to kill us

  36. I really like these books, my favourite characters are Mr Crepsley, Kurda, Gavner and Harket. I especailly like Kurda. And what are you on about, they’ve all come out, all 12!!! I’ve read them. In the 11th Mr Tall dies (i think it is the 11th, I lose track.)

  37. i loved every single book..i couldnt stop reading them and now that ive finished the 10th book i really wish i could read the 11th book..if you know where to find it tell me!! Darren Shan is the left me wanting more!!

  38. Dude..
    its most uncertain theres going to be a darren shan movie
    its been on
    for over a year
    and it hasnt changed
    they only bought rights to make the movie
    they havent started making it or auditioned it yet
    whentheres auditions im definately going
    btw guys
    you should read
    Lord Loss and Demon Theif
    the first 2 books of demonata by darren shan =]

  39. i love the book ive read all 10 and in the 11 book darren gose home i wounder if he’ll see his family agian i love darren and debbie

  40. i love the books!!! i thought theyd be really weird…and they are but theyre sooo good is the 11th one out yet? when does it come out? because ive only seen up to the 10th one? how many are there going to be in all?

  41. OMG… i love this book its most def. the best book ive ever read, cu zi only read these books…lol….but they should make a movie about these books beacuse i think it would be a big success

  42. this is just to let every1 know whats to come…theres only 12 books in the seri…but here

    The Cirque Du Freak books follow the story of Darren Shan, a normal human boy
    who is coerced by the vampire Larten Crepsley into becoming his assistant and a

    • In the first trilogy, Darren learns about and comes to accept his vampirism.
      • In Book One, Crepsley makes him a vampire in return for saving the life of one of Darren’s schoolmates.
      • In Book Two, Crepsley notes that Darren is quite lonely, and brings him back to the freak show. Darren befriends a local boy from the town by the name of Sam Grest and at the end of the book, Darren drinks the dying Sam’s blood.
      • In Book Three, Crepsley goes back to his hometown where one of the vampires’ enemies, The Vampaneze, is murdering innocent people.
    • In the second trilogy, he learns about the vampire clan, and seeks their acceptance.
      • In Book Four, Mr. Crepsley and Darren make their ascent up Vampire Mountain.
      • In Book Five, Darren faces the Trails of Death to regain his and Mr. Crepsley’s honour.
      • In Book Six, Darren has to stop the plans of the Vampire Prince Kurda Smahlt.
    • In the third trilogy, he learns he may have a larger role to play in the fate of the vampires — and of the world — than he had ever thought.
      • In Book Seven, The hunt for the Lord of the Vampaneze begins!
      • In Book Eight, Darren meets some of some past friends who may have turned to the other side…
      • In Book Nine, Darren faces the Lord of the Vampaneze again with two fantastic twists at the end.
    • In the fourth (and apparently final) trilogy, he is forced to make some difficult decisions, finally taking his destiny into his own hands with unexpected consequences.
      • In Book Ten, Darren must find out who his best friend, Harkat Mulds, was before he became what he is.
      • In Book Eleven, Darren finds out more about the Lord of the Shadows.
      • Book Twelve’s contents have yet to be divulged
    • i got this info from:

      There is also Darren Shans site

  43. heres more to keep ya updated…..

    I’ve kept your comment above, but I can’t have so much of someone else’s site copied here instead I’ll leave it as a link.

    To find out lots more about the series visit

    New series

    Shan originally stated that the Cirque Du Freak series would consist of twenty books. However, he recently announced that there was too much story for just character Darren Shan. He recently started a new series, named The Demonata, set in a different universe from The Cirque Du Freak. The first book, entitled Lord Loss, was released in 2005. It is said to revise demon legends in the same way the Cirque Du Freak revised vampire legends. The second book of the new series, titled Demon Thief, is slated for release in the United Kingdom and Ireland in January 2006. The Demonata series is currently being planned out for 10 books. Unlike his Cirque Du Freak books, The Demonata series will have three main characters, who will all be narrators in the story.

    Extracted from

  44. o m g i love vampires and im so happy i got named Darren!! im a little obsesed with vampires but i cant help it i cant wait till the move comes out!

  45. oh yea and i think it would be cool if they made a video game out of it i know i would buy all of them just like the books… and movies when they come out

  46. THESE BOOKS ARE AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!

    I Read one in 1 and half hours and LOVE THEM!
    They are such compelling stories. Not scary at all! I love the take on Vampires and how the storyplay folds out! I genuinly reccomend these books! EXCELLENT READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. im on the 10th and i luv them,im soooooooooooooooo happy theres ganna be a movie …………….oh and steve is the vampaneze lord i wanna kill him …………..and remember the real world is cruel people die, fights are lost, and evil offten wins……..death is waiting

  48. so are there gonna be movies for each book cause that would be awesome cause i wanna see darrens trials of initiation and the fight in the ninth book mr.crepsley vs gannen steve and fake lord of vampaneze and seiously i agree with alexXx that these are the best books and is best series first to harry potter

  49. yeah rite lawson i mean i beleive in vampires but if ur a vampire u shouldn’t use electronic stuff and i want some proof

  50. I can not put Master Shan’s books down for more than three seconds. At the moment, I am hunting down book number five. The first three had me rivited to my seat and filled with the wholesome experience of suspense. I think that Master Shan should write more than twelve volumes in this series. After he stops writing, there will be an outcry from the public audience wanting more suspense to fill their gore-hungry guts. i know I will be severly disappointed. As for now, I am satisfied.
    Fregetasta nokstad Sotu Shan. (Good work Master Shan)
    Sincerely, Kenneth.

  51. i’ve read all the books up to now even the lake of souls and harkat is really kurda smahlt and in the lord of shadows darren is going back to his home town where it all started

  52. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I LOVE/ADORE/ABSOLUTELY go INSANE!! for these books! It is so nice to find a book about us that is even halfway true! I am a Harry Potter fanatic and, until recently, thought there was no better book.I WAS SOOOOOOOOOO WRONG!!! These books are good enough to read in broad daylight, completely in the sun!;) Why do Britain and Ireland always get the good (great) books before the U.S.? It is so sad that almost no one knows about these books where i live. Plus, I can’t find #10. I want to move to the U.K. anyway. More soccer (football) there anyway! got 2 go order #10 before I go crazy. Slainte!Cheers!

  53. i have read all 10 books and i LOVE them!!!! i cant wait for the 11th one to come out on may 11. im kind of sad there will only be 12 books but at least there will still be the movies!!!!!!
    (the first three books will come out as a movie in 2007)

    P.S. i cant belive i used think harry potter was the best book ever written!!!!!!!

  54. that would be soooo cool i was thinking johnny depp would make a great Mr.Crepsley!!!!!!! that would be great!!!!

  55. has anyone read the demonata books??? if so what are they about i need a new good book to read while i wait for book 11 to come out.


  57. these books rule if you love cirque du freak type DARRENSHANROCKS yeah darren shan i’m your number one fan!!!!! i also love and reccomend the demonata series too these are probablly the best books ihave ever read i’ve read 1-10 and have been hooked every time remember if you don’t type DARRENSHANROCKS your not a big fan i hear theres a movie cant wait for that coming out some time in 2007!

  58. goddamn dude i just finished the last book last night after waiting 2 years to get my hands on the last 3 books and wow.. it was worth the wait.. can’t wail to see this kick ass movie

  59. I love the series so much. the very last book in the series has such a cool/wierd twist. i can’t wait for the movie/movies. SOOOOOOOO GOOD

  60. Cirque Du Freak is them best book series ever, i have read all of the books, i want to be in the movie, and i read everything about the movie online.

  61. omg i fell in love with mr crepsly when reading the books and omg i just read above that they are trying to get johnny depp to play him. that would be great !!!
    i’m soo excited

  62. Come on yeah the cirque du freak series is #1 the demonta series#2 but johny dept no! johny dept is my favorite actor but not for lartin. Johny would make a good gavner though.

    P.S #11 is out

    P.S.S go darren even though u suk 4 puttin only 12 books in tha series

  63. i love the series but bbook nine made me cry =-( why!!!!! i am on book 12 and the end of book 11 made me gasp for air and i almost passed out

  64. book 11 is NOT out it is coming out soon though may 11 i think!!! i cant wait the end of book 9 was soooooo sad i was cring when i read it.

    ps the movie is coming out in 2007

  65. yo all fans just got the 11 book read it, loved it, but also I bought it in the horror section of my local Barnes and Noble and it should really be in fiction because its really not all that scary!

  66. omg… i just finished the 11th…
    any who are planning to read it…prepare for the
    it is the saddedest,scareiest (not that the books were ever that scary), most upseting of any of the books in the series at any time.
    i wont say any more so i wont give anything away

  67. the twelfe is not out i preorderd it at barnes and nobles it is coming out in september. what did you think about the end of the 11th?????????


  69. why does europe always get the good books first???
    i want the 12th book!!! i dont think ill be able to wait this long 4 the 12th!!!!!!!

  70. OmFG……… Darren Shan is an effin genious. I have read the whole series (up to book 11) atleast ten times and hav read Trials Of Death too many times to count. I also love his demon books only a couple more weeks till demon thief comes out. I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Darren shan fans get intact with me mail me at I dont no ne one who likes these books and would like to talk about them with someone again ok darren shan i freakin love u!!!!!!!!!!!! lol!!!!!!!!!!

    ps. cant wait for the mvie they better not change it too much or i will be sooo mad! =) peace out

  71. omg why did u have to write what happened in the 11th and 12th book!!! i have not read the 12th yet and if what you said was true you just spoiled the whole book for me and anyone who has not read the 11th or 12th book!!!

  72. does anyone know when the 12th book is comming out??? the end of book 11 was so strange i am dying for the 12th.

  73. I looooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee all the cirque Du Freak Books I am on number seven i am on the third chapter. I just heard that they are making a cirque du freak movie that is coming out June 6, 2006. I want to see the movie the first day it comes out. If Anobody Is as BIG as a Cirque Du freak fan as i am Email me At
    If anybody read any of the demonata books By Darren shan email me.

  74. I am on the fifth book 10th chapter!!! my dad left it somewere and could not go back!!!
    I would be on the 7th now!!!

  75. just to give u the heads up, there not auditioning in the US only ireland and britain. thank god im irish! look out 4 me as darren in the movie!

  76. Since the second I finished reading the first Cirqe I was hoping that there would be a movie I just never knew it would be so soon.I am on #9 now and should be on #10 tomorow.I just absolutely LLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEE the series and if you get more info on the movie please post it here.I beg you!!

  77. wow dont u think it will make a great MOVIE???? IT WAS THE BEST BOOK/SERIES I EVER READ!!!!! DOES ANYONE KNOW WHEN THE 12TH BOOK IS COMING OUT????

  78. i think orlando bloom as kurda, johney depp as vancha, the villain from MI3 as mr. tiny, ian mackellan as paris skyle and hugh jackman as mr. crepsely.

  79. i think warner bros is gonna ruin the movie. they totally messed up Harry Potter. and i agree with eoghan. i think Orlando would be a good Kurda and Johnny would be a pretty cool Vancha, but to pull it off Orlando would have to go blonde and Johnny would have to go green. it would look weird. but actor wise i think there good.

  80. my friend think that harkat is tall or like 6 feet i say he is like 3 or 4 feet tall so i think that harkat should be computer anamation. but tell me wat u think or how tall u think harkat is i think he is 3 feet tall.

  81. i thought book 11 was awesome and all i know and care abt is that the movie is good and not stupid and it better be according to the book

  82. I’ve read all the cirque du freak books.(not 7 or 12)I hated reading know I can’t stop!It’s breath taking word after word!It’s amazing how darren could let kids now that it is OK to read and not be scared but to laugh and wonder what IS going to happen next.Whos’s going to be the LORD OF SHADOWS?It’s a miricle!Darren shan is a one of a kind auothor.No auothor is going to match that.No book is going to more compelling more satisfing than CIRQUE DU FREAK!And thats the truth.

  83. how are they going to finda person that has a crop of red hair on top of his/hers(lol)head to play larten crepsley?Who actors do you now?(not using makeup)

  84. If there is a movie, it goen come out in bout a year or somen, that be tight though, bet the actor of Darren Shan is the same one on the cover of those book if im right, track me down and send me your moms purse, seriously.

  85. Cirque due freak is so good……
    At first I thought, what the heck kind of name is cirque du freak. First chapter had me hooked. Darren Shan has a definite talent and i think everyone should send him a petition to keep his wonderful series going. This is the BEST book ever and ever to come out.

  86. i herd the movie is comming out in 2007. r they going to make the movie of the first three books or just the first??

  87. i used to hate reading but now i still do but i LOVE the cirque du freak book i am done with the 11th book and waiting for the 12th does anyone know when it is coming out? i want to finish these books and go to the demonata books but i am not done when will the 12th book come out i am going to cry πŸ™

  88. these cirque books are so good in 3 months i read books 1-10 and im on the eleventh and i need it to last the rest of the school year and its so fricken good i could have finished it the day after i started to read it and that was 2 and a half weeks ago and the last time i read it was 2 weeks ago and its so hard to resist reading it.
    PS:any info on the movie please post it here.

  89. there goin to be making the movie of the first 3 books and r undecided about making a movie about the other books.

  90. They are going to put books one to three in the first movie and yes they are making movies.(I think movies)i dont know the actors or cast and crow all i know is that warner bros or universal.i hope darren shan in the movy/book is going to be cuter than the author.(I’ve seen pictuers -not the pritiest person)

  91. 1.i totally agree with ryan 2.i think its just the first and 3. i finally got another book to read after b 11 so i can finish it tomorrow YYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS

  92. i’ve read book 12 about 2 years ago ( ireland!) and believe me u are in 4 a enormous shock between darren and steve!

  93. i love these books! i can’t wait until i know who the cast is! i think the 12th book is coming out in september….at least i think i saw that somewhere.

  94. Darren Shan is a friken genius.the eleventh book was so good yet so was the closest i ever got to tears from a book but i really cant wait unti #12 comes out and when i get it i promise you i will be the first one to buy and finish it.DARREN SHAN IS A GENIUS

  95. i already know wat happens in the 12th book, i just havent read it. but it is gonna be sooooooooooooooo good. i cant wait!

    oh im happy universal is doing it. but i still think they are gonna ruin all the books. i mean, i dont know how they are gonna portray some of the scenes in the 5th book. or in the 10th. are they actually gonna do all 12 books? cuz that will take like 24 years. and i cant wait that long!

  96. the movie is comeing out 2007 and i hope i realy do i hope the guy who plays harry potter will not play darren in cirque du freak the movie if hw does ill be pissed off

  97. ive read the whole seies and i love them. after you finish them you should read his other series, the demonata series it is even better then the cirque du freak series. it is my favrouite series ands my second favrouite is the cirque du freak. he is my favrouite author. he inspired me to want to become an author. he is heavy, hectic and boombalistically good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. darren shan [in the book] is such a badass i want him to kill steve so bad i cant wait im on the 11TH book hopefully steve doesnt kill darren instead

  99. i have alreay read the twelveth book of the series and its awsome it has alot of serprises this book will have u reading for hours.

  100. i writr books aswell chester, what kind of stories do u write about? has anyone read “Slawter” the 3rd book in the demonata series. there will be 10 of those books and the 4th 1 is called “Bec”.

  101. hey if u guys r real fans u would have bought bokk 11 and 12 from england. its the samrt thnig to do. i finished 11 in two days and 12 in 1. they will get u so addicted. i WOULD spoil the whole series for u guys but i wont ill jus say that part 2 or book 12 only has one good chapter the rest is horrible. but part 1 is good

  102. a really gd series! i am only 9 but i still love them. my fave characterz r murlough, kurda, darren and evra.

  103. i already know practicly everything that happens in the 12th book even though i havent read it!!! if what ive read is true the book will be full of surprises. i dont think i can wait until september (when the 12th comes out) to find out if their true!

  104. i am wondering though…i have read the first 11 but i forgot that book 12 was coming out in may…has anybody read it yet? if so and u have a copy i can borrow or something let me know at

    thanx and Cirque du freak and Demonatta rock!!!

  105. Oi! I have read the whole cirque du freake series and am hooked on the demonata series. I have only read the first two books of the demonata series but have read a lot of darren shans notes on the whole series and REALLY want to get my hands on the third book. Anyone know how I could get my hands on the third book before November? if so contact me at or maybe post a comment on here.

  106. the book is quite good, all the way up there with the abhorson series. sadly booky 12 is not yet out in the states so unless i get an import i wont be reading it until next year. if it is published in the states please tell me


  108. haha I live in england, soz now i feel mean. Darren shan really does rock!!!I read all 12 in about a week cause i read them nonstop. I was soooo sad at what happened in the 9th book, i cried my eyes out all night. yeah i know i’m sad.

  109. the series is awesome i luv these books and when i am reading them i can just picture ever thing that happens in my mind i luv the way darren sets up the hole storyline and i am looking forwrd 2 reading book 7

  110. yes it will become a movie it is on the darren shan website and it will beout somtime in 2007

  111. Cirque Du freak is definatley becoming a movie I know but is it the first 3 books or the first 4 books????

    P.S. Best books I have ever read!!!! AwEsOmE!!!

  112. All I can say is Darren shan is the most AMAZING author. His ability to captivate your mind is simply phenominal. I cannot wait till the 12th book comes out in the states. About how much time would it take to get it imported here?? Cuz it would seem a waste to import it if the book will come out in about a month here. Ho hum, I just finished the 11th book this morning and am depressed that I can’t get the 12th one here any time sooner.I CAN”T WAIT UNTIL THE MOVIE COMES OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahh, despite what everybody says I think Johnny Depp would suck at being Mr.Crepsley. Even if he could act it out he doesn’t have that ‘crazy scary/tame’ look about him. I donno.

  113. I absolutely love the Cirque Du Freak series! I first came across the series in Maine. I was looking for a book to read for the beach and I found Trials of Death. I realized it was the fifth book of the series but I couldnt find books 1,2,3, or 4. I automatically fell in love with it. Trials of Death is definetly my favorite out of the series…mostly because it was the first one I read.

    I cant wait for the movie to come out! I first heard they were making a movie when I did an English report two years ago,my freshman year,on Darren O’Shaughnessy, a.k.a Darren Shan, for my role model, lol.

    I was gonna try to get my relatives from England to mail me the 12th book cuz I just cant wait for it to come out in the US. But someone online told me that the English version is different from the American version. Somethin about different dialect, idk.

    I had no idea so many people out there shared my love for these books. This is so great! I tried to get some of my friends to read them but they dont believe how great they are and say there children’s books. SO NOT TRUE! Anyone of any age could come to adore and fall in love with this series, just like Harry Potter. Dirque Du Freak is the second best book series in the world…first is Harry Potter…of course.

    This is the first I’ve heard of the Demonata series, although I think my friend might have said somethin about it. I’ll definatly have to check it out.

    P.S. Have you guys read Eragon. Its a trilogy called Inheritance. I’m reading book two, Eldest, right now. Its definatly 3rd best book series in the world material. The movie Eragon is coming out Decmeber 15th!

  114. wow I’m so excited!!! I just don’t want the film peeps to ruin the film like they ruined harry potter

  115. Britt-16-US-Mass!? i cant believe some1 else is readin eragon and eldest i think the 3rd will be empire, the end of eldest is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO shockin!

  116. anyone know where any auditions could be in usa? i have roughly 3-4 dozen people saying id be a great darren shan. i look EXACTLY like that kid in book 2 on the american cover, or the other covers wit a kid on it. plzzz alll help appreciated

  117. oh yeah. it wont be 12 movies , its 4. theres actually names for 1-3 4-6 7-9 10-12. like “the hunt” for 7-9 or something, forgot.

  118. God all those books were Great! I read the first one from my friend, I was in 5th grade. Now im in 9th. Godd I can’t believe how the 11th one ended! About the Nephew. I loved the 2ed book the best. It made me cry when Sam died and Darren pleaded for him to come back, and he could join the Cirque du Freak. Can’t wait for the 12th book!

  119. this book is sooooo cool.sadly i cant read it anymore cus my teacher read it to me.i think the movie starts june 6,2007.oh and bmw,yeah.hoo is j.d.?and the tiny migit guy from narnia should play harkat.halle barry would play a great debbie in the 9th movie.

  120. Hey Eoghan,

    I finished Eldest and O my god I can see what you meant by shocking!! Jeeze, I was tryin to think of all the different things that could happen at the end, and that deffinetly was not one of them! I cant believe it! I cant wait for the third book, its gonna be so GOOD!!!!

    P.S. #12 of Cirque Du Freak, Sons of Destiny comes out September 6th, 32 Days!! WOO HOO!!!!!

  121. OMG i started reading the first book and thought i would read it in like a month i read it in 1 day and loved it and i hate reading. jus finished the 11th and read the whole series in less than a month!!!!! I cant wait for the movies in 2007 and cant wait for the 12th to come out on sept. 6!!!!!! AAGGGGGHHHHHH ur breaking my balls i want it to come out so bad!!!!! 30 days!!!! seems like 330 days!!!!…. i think i like reading now

  122. I LOVE the Cirque Du Freak and The Demonata series, there all awesome…im waiting for the 12th book of CDF and the 3rd Demonata book to come out…fun fun fun!!!

    okay, soo the Cirque Du Freak movie is coming out sometime around June 6th, 2007. Is it going to be in theatres or is it just going to be in stores right away???

  123. OMG i just finishee d the 12th 2 days ago and it was good!!!! but in my opinion there has to be if not a sequel some sort of a explination book. like there was 4 the da vinchi code. the end did answer a lot of questions but it also opened up a lot of new ones!!!

  124. this was great the finish was awsome butt what about kumar harak and all but i loved it i read it over and over i cryed lol i am playing but DARREN SHAN you rock

  125. the 12th book was awesome and one part i thought was funny was when cormac limbs challenged RV it was a great book and i cant wait what darren shan has instored for us maybe he’ll talk about the future or a fake lord of shadows or mr crepsley or other characters well i guess we will find out CIRQUE DU FREAK RULESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. It is by far one of my favorite book series the only other book series is the demonata which is also by darren shan. I can’t wait to read the next one (partly because my friend started the series a few weeks before I did and won’t shut up about the books, but he is a slower reader than me so I am about caught up).

  127. i freakin love this series, i cant find the 12th one but im lookin!! hey u know Shan has a new series out? still Cirque Du Freak is probally way better!!!!

  128. i LOVE those books!!!!! the demonata series i just as good but WAY more gross!!!! ive read the first three and i cant wait untill the 4th comes out so i can order it from england/ireland.

  129. Go to and you can buy the 12 book, it looks really dark and creepy, but i cant wait to read it!! when you look at the cover, try to see the shape of the clouds, it reveals something i think will be relevent, and is that harket on the front?

  130. this books is totally awesome! ive read them all but i wont spoil the ending. i cant wait to read onther series by darren shan. i keep wishing there was more and more books but the series is over, darn.

  131. omg i love rhe cirque series to which is obvious b/c im posting this… anyways i read 1 and 2 of demonata and i thought they were good but i didnt like the characters as much as in cirque… well cant wait for the next one either…later

  132. i think that they are two different
    cirque du freak versions becouse i
    have the england one which was published
    in 2004 are they different????????????????????

  133. the books published 2 years ago in england are the EXACT same except that instead of something like soccer it would say football. also if anyone wants the 3rd or 4th demonata b4 they come out here u can order them from england. the fourth one Bec just came out there!!!

  134. I love these books. I go crazy when I read them. I meet my best friend by these books. I talk about them all the time. My step dad calls me his little vampire. Im not but what to be. If anyone knows anything about the twelth book say something. I am going crazy. Oh and Darren shan I have e mailed you before. So E mail back.

  135. if you go to then you can order all darren shans books from england. Why would you do that? because the books come out a year and a half earlyer there then here. I just bought the 4th demonata book. ITS CRAZY MUST CHECK IT OUT!

  136. Ive read all the books and they all are really good. They hook you and make you want to read the next one. I was surprised at the last one i wont spoil anything for those who havent read them but they are really good. I might look into the demonta(dont know how to spell it) series. It looks interesting but i might take a look, any comments on the demon series from those who have read some?

  137. MY friend told my about this series and i started reading them and im still on my first book but what i have read is good. Im at the part were Madam Octa bit Steve and he is in the hospitol so plz dont spoil it i love this series and im not even done with the book.

  138. hey, i have loads of fun… a youngISH child and i LOVE these books…..i got all my friends hooked on them too….EVERYONE SHOULD READ OMG ITS ALL PERFECTLY PLANNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. OMG?!?!?!?!?!?! JHONY DEPP IS LARTEN?!?!?!?!?!!? -faints-

    yes i agree with braydon……..he would be an EXCELLENT gavner….or even Kurda but stil…..omg i wonder who is debbie…she HAS to be gorgeous……

  140. omg i love his books i live in the uk and the fourth book of his second seires has just come out. i have just ordred it of the internet and 1,2 and 3 are brill. the crque du freak sieris was good to. p.s. cant wait for the movie. p.p.s DARREN SHAN ROCKS!!!!

  141. OMG i love thease books if you want any that arent out yet here you can order them from england of ireland!!! Has anyone else read bec yet??? if so wasnt it good??? if not its the fourth demonata book and its really good. it JUST came out in england and ireland!!!

  142. i read all 12 books and i was sad when darren died cause i knew it was the end of the series but i was so happy to find out there’s going to be a movie coming out on the first 3 books now darren shan is my favorite author and i can’t wait to start on a new series by him i hope they make movies out of the other books as well i can’t wait for 2007 when the movie comes out i gonna make my parents take me to go see it i bet it’s gonna be great and by the way i’m darren’s biggest fan i even did a report about him instead of panic at the disco

  143. cirque du freak are the best books on earth and darren is the greatest book on earth author on earth i wish the series would continue cause i think a lot was left out of the book so they should tell what happens to everytbody else in the book instead of leaveing there lifes out of it but i still love htese books and i hope darren writes a lot more like them they’re great and awesome !!!!!!

  144. hey i live in the U.S.A and i ordered the books all the way from the U.K. and read them all b4 it even came out in the U.S.

  145. the cirque du freak series? dude, those books are like drugs >.>
    you start reading them, you get hooked on them and cant stop reading them!! i love those books!! oh and i think i saw someone ask wen the movies coming out…they dont know for sure yet but they say its estimated it will be sometime in 2007

  146. jesus! darren shaaaan…. plzzz write another boookk.. im really really “hungry for more”.. what happens to debbieee.. and darius.. and all of them.. OH GOD

  147. hey pple who have finished the saga of darren S. go and check and check the short stories.. they’re great xD… and btw i heard another version of darren shan books are being written… i think he’s waiting for everybody to read all 12 books.. im not sure tho… you know how websites are!. i’ll explain later—

  148. omg i cant WAIT until the next demonata book comes out!!!! did anyone else read bec??? what is the next one called again??? o well ill look it up!!!!

  149. OMG I just finished the 12th book yesterday and the Cirque Du Freak books are the best that i have ever read. I wish the movies would come out sooner!!!! I can’t wait this is gonna be so awesome!!!!! I havent read the Demonata series yet but i have the first 3 and im gonna read them!!!!

  150. hey i have looked everywhere and i cant find out much of anything about the new cirque movies!!! if any1 knows anything about it PLZ tell! AND does any1 know how many books r gona b in the slawter series?

    P.S. i live in the U.S.A and i read the 12th book like 9 months ago…. just go to ebay thet come out in the U.K like a year early……

  151. These books ROCK!!!! I started reading them about…2004 and after i had read 1-3 I couldn’t get anymore cause my school (I’m 13) didn’t have the rest but i got 4-9 at Christmas and have read threw them all already now I’m bugging people to buy me 10-12 after i finish with those ill read the Demonata books that are out! CAN’T WAIT FOR THE MOVIES!!!!!

  152. i absolutely LOVE darren shans books. im not a big reader but these books are amazing. i even got a handful of my friends (one of which who NEVER read a book just for the sake of it) into them. My best friend loves these books. there was a point where we would sit down and talk about what was going to happen next or what should. i like these books because they keep the readers attention thru out the entire book. every time i get a new one i cant put it down until i either pass out or finish it. i would absolutely LOVE to be in at least one of the movies. i cant wait until the movies come out. i just hope that they really dont cut too much out of the books. then again i can understand why it took Darren Shan so long to decide to make the movies. i mean do u see how much detail he puts into the books. its going to be hard to make them into movies but ill watch all of them and probably buy em all too. KEEP UP THE AMAZING WRITING!!!!

  153. those Demonata books aer AMAZING!!! i borrowed the first of a mate, now i can’t get enough. I heard the fith book is coimg out soon, hell it better be along the same lines as the first and thrid books! Those in paticular i favour. These books srve to the max, they keep you interested in each word, i finished the first one, Lord Loss about 5 or so hours after i got it! The ending on the third ending with Grubbs is wonderful, i think it’d be right to use the fith book as a follow. I can’t WAIT for it to come put! I’ll be hitting those streets! I CAN;T WAIT MUCH LONGER FOR THE MOVIES!!!!!

  154. I agree. I think Paul Bettany should play Mr. Crepsley. [plot spolier removed by editor]. I can’t wait for the movie to come out. I think Hugh Grant should play in it.

  155. okay ya i dont think the movie is coming out in 2008 cuz they dont even have all the cast & crew even…they got to work on the set and stuff, script is done by the dude that wrote L.A Confidential and some sites said that Paul Weitz is officially the director of the ‘cirque du freak’ movie but also some others site dont say anything about it so i am not sure….

  156. omg these are the best books in the world i ave to know when the movie comes out!!!!!!!!!!! somebody please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

  157. Wow, that is all i can say about Darren Shans Cirque Du Freak Saga. This series completley amazes me. Sometimes after chapters i actually have to stop rading just to let it settle. Yes it is a very short read, but i must admit it is the best thing i have ever read. Being a 15 year old who reads almost everything, that is alot to say. I just finished the last book, and it had a very emotional tug on me. I’t has affected me more than anything J.K. Rowling or even Stephen King ever wrote.

    Long live the vampires!!

  158. umm, i cant even begin to describe how it ends, these are the final words(thoughts) of darren shan as he is flying to paradise. Im going…….going……gone. just those words give me inspiration, he is finally going to paradise. he killed himself to not become the lord of shadows and took steve along with him. he is the most courageable person ive ever read about in a book. it would be an honor if he was real just to catch a glimpse of him on the street. what he endures in this series in un-imagineable, he has to change so fast, and leave his family behind, he has to kill himself to protect the world. he saves many lives in this book. what darren does in these books is undermined even by saying it was the best book in the world.

  159. it also has a tug on me, when it ended, i felt empty, like something had been stolen from me, almost like my soul had flown to paradise with darren. i was looking into nothing for at least 10 minutes when it ended.

  160. My favorite quote is what Evanna said to Darren in the 10th book of CDF…Time is like a jigsaw puzzle, imagine a giant box full of billions of pieces of millions of puzzles- that is the future. Beside it lies a huge board, partially filled with bits of the overall puzzle- that is the past. Those in the present reach blindly into the box of the future every time they have a decision to make, draw a piece of the puzzle out, and slot it into place on the board. Once a piece has been added, it influences the final shape and design of the puzzle, and it’s useless trying to fathom what the puzzle would have looked like if a different piece had been picked.

  161. I am 13 and read all the Darren Shan Sega last year and this year started on the Demonata.
    I didn’t buy the books I simply rented from my school library. The end realy left me gob-smacked. I had no idea a book could do that to me, or that the sega would end like that.
    But… what I realy can’t wait for is:

    Cirque Du Freak: The Movie

    It’s gonna be out end of this year or 2008!

    I can’t wait. To be honest i sooooooooo wanted to play Darren Shan himself. Not because I’d be famous, but because I’d be playing a guy that changed past! I still don’t know how the ending is possible it realy makes me think.

  162. i’ve read up to book 9 on cirque du freak and it is the best book ever!!!!!! i can’t wait to finish the series!i recomend this book to anyone young or old!! keep writin’ darren shan!!!

  163. this is my second time writing’ & i just saw the cirque du freak movie yesterday,it was awesome!!!!!i recomend it to anyone who like cique du freak

  164. WHAT there is no movie! is there? there can’t b! no there is not! anyway I LUV THESE BO0KS!!! The demonata’s are good 2 but like the cirque du freak WAY better!!!! like i am SOO sad that the series had to end @ 12!!!:( like seriously y couldn’t it have gone on forEVER!!! anyway as i already said i LUV these books!!! and to any human (or not) i recomend this book!!!

  165. Does anyone know lawson I would like to speak to him about VAMPIRE matters please tell me how to contact him.

  166. hello, if you read lawsons entery and believed it your a fool, I AM a vampir, seriosly, lawsons an idiot, eather hes taking the **** or hes some demented loonatic, REAL vampires DO have to drink blood, not a lot though, and unlike the book they can survive mostly on animal blood, we still need to drink from humons about once a month, but not a lot, only about a shotglass, we live so long because blood is very healthy and keeps your body healty, its a great wrincle syrome to as it keeps you looking young and keeps your organs healy, whitch is why you live so long (around 500 years on avarage) blood also makes you very prone to sunburn, it stings your eyes and makes you burn like hell. if you would like to speak to me about proof that i am in fack a vampire, i may speak to you about becoming a vampire if you wish, but if you do, heres a warning, i only take the best.
    oh and my E-Mail is
    sorry about the name i made it when i was a human, hopefuly i shall speak to you soon

  167. i finished all of the books the 9 book was sooooo sad and the 12 one was stunning at the end i dint no that the thing that happened was going to happen anyway i finished tem last night i read for four whole hours no brakes and i started and finished book 11 and 12.

  168. hey you all i read 1-6 and i can’t find 7 but o well i can skip it i might go crazy but i’ll live i saome day want to be a vampire i love the whole thing it makes me wonder what i would do if i was a vampire well ttyl i love darren bye

  169. i usually read a book or 2 per day and i finished the entire series in less than a week it was sooooooo good but i didnt like the ending its so sad! i cant believe they are making a movie like i dont know if they are making a movie for each book or like put one or two together or something or just put it all in one movie (not possible because they would end up cutting everything out)!

  170. I’m sorry, but after waiting for this movie to happen for a LONG time… with now changes in months, I’ve got to say, my guess is they’ve cancelled production or at least don’t plan on getting around to it for a few more years. Too bad, but true… sorry to be the bearer of bad news, guys.

  171. I finished all the books a while ago and it was a great book. i was expecting an ending but i still loved it cuz it was a shocker. I was making predictions on what might happen ans then i finish the book and i’m in shock (i wont spoil it). I’m sad cuz the movie still hasn’t come out even though it was supposed to come out in Febuary… i don’t think they will make it

  172. Heyy. I just wanted to say these books are amazing. Once you start reading, you can’t stop. I reccomended these books to my friends. I can’t wait to see it grow like it’s the new harry potter. I ALSO CAN’T WAIT until the movies come out! I hope they don’t screw it up like they did with the series of unfortunate events. I think that Zac Efron should play Darren. Maybe Vanessa Hudgens could play Debbie, to get the real connection. I dunno I’ll have to tell the people producing it ( Universal Pictures) and I’ll reccomend what actors and actresses should play the parts. You guys should too! If you love the books, we have to have the movies loved too, so request the people you want on the movie somehow. My favorite quote in CDF, well one of them, is “Even in death, may you be triumphant.” I just love that quote.

  173. omg i think the movies comin out in 2008 something like that! but i cant wait to c ill b the only 1 screamin wen it starts ….but it better b gd or some1s gonna get quite a few nasty letters…:-)

  174. i started to read these books by accident..haha..1 day in 4th grade we were supposed to do a book project and i didnt want to but i took my teachers book anyway but i never read it but 1 day i go wat the heck and i read it i loved it and i dindnt noe a movie was coming out ima look that up its better than harry potter.. oh please vote for it 1-10 and vote harry potter also 1-10

  175. wow!i just started the series about a month ago and im now reading book 4 im so hooked i got 100% on my quiz i love the darren shan series:)

  176. This book series has kept me entertained through all of my seventh grade year. I am definitely going to buy the whol series and read them to all of my friends. I still haven’t read the twelfth book, but when I buy it I’ll haveit dine before the next day. This book has also made me realize that vampires are real. Because I’ve been blooded and am part of the vampire clan. “Even in death, may I be triumphant”.

  177. i love these books!! omg i mean i read all of them to book 8 we dont have book 11 12 at our school. its sad but oh well. someday ill read the rest of the series.someday. gotta fly runes loggin off. cya!!!
    p.s i f’in love thoughs books!!!!!!!! are they real tho?

  178. Hey, Guysez. I just finished Book 9 last night. I can’t believe he died! I am not saying who, because that will give it away. I cried because that character was my favorite! How can Darren NOT cry?? GAWD!

    Man, I HOPE there is a Cirque MOVIE!! Wouldn’t that be so totally awesome?

  179. i agree with the comment above this one….ALOT.
    u guys gotta read the next series; Demonata its awesome even though im only on book 2 i need the next!!!!!!

  180. I’ve heard there going to be a 13th book is that true? I loved that series but the ending SUCK i mean i was crying when mr.crepsley died I was crying so hard and i really wish he didn’t in fact i almost stop reading the series and thinking it couldn’t any worse BUT WHEN HE DIED UGH that made so mad….. moving on Is there going to be a 13th book i hope so

  181. hi i have read the books and i hate the endin and no i dought if their will be a 13th because with darren and Mr Crepsley dead that means they failed and all the vampires would have been wiped out according to Evanna in 7th book bt their is still hope of the blood stone reserecting them bt still i dont think their will be bt u can ask darren shan urselfs on

  182. DARREN SHAN IS AMAZING!!!!!!! I love Cirque Du Freak. I Just finished Killers of the Dawn and waiting for Lake of Souls at my school library! It is amazing and i cried in the 9th one! Bye the way Harry and Ron DON’T DIE! It is the best seris ever!!!!!

  183. I read all 12 of the books and loved them all. Also Darren Shan has came out with a new series called demonata this is also great but is more for 13-18 because it VERY bloody and there is a lot of tragic events. When u first start it weird because he writes about three different people but KEEP READING it starts to make sense around the 6th or 7th

  184. I just finished reading Cirque Du Freak it only took me two weeks and I only read it each day to and from work on the subway.

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