Weekend Roundup

I’ve had an unusual weekend this week. Jamie has not been around! She stayed over at Bekki’s both Friday and Saturday night. Then this morning, she went straight from Bekki’s to a Church Parade with Brownies. So by the time I picked here up at lunchtime today, I hadn’t seen her since Friday morning! I spoke to here on the phone Friday night, but it was very unusual to not see her for so long.
Apart from that I also ended up watching quite a lot of TV. Very unusual for me.
On Saturday, I finished off last weekends job at my Mum’s. I fitted a new inlet hose on her washer and finished off the kitchen cupboard.
Anyway today was Megan‘s birthday so we all went round to Kim and Megan’s for her party. Megan and her guests spent a couple of hours doing organised crafts. They decorated their boxes beautifully. I’ll post some pictures soon.